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Why can Gao Xiaosong know astronomy and geography? Is it packed?

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in today’s era of paying for knowledge, whoever has mastered rich knowledge means mastering endless wealth. Gao Xiaosong is a knowledgeable person who knows astronomy and geography. In the words of netizens, he is a person who can ignore his appearance as long as he opens his mouth. Such an excellent person is the legendary “lack of beauty and talent”. Most people’s understanding of Gao Xiaosong still stays in “you at the same table”. In fact, Gao Xiaosong has long been a benchmark figure in the hearts of literary and artistic youth? People are not only very curious, why can Gao Xiaosong know astronomy and geography? Are there any traces of packaging on his many halos


Gao Xiaosong is indeed a man of profound knowledge. He once had a conversation with Ma Weidu, a big man in the cultural circles. No matter what topic Ma Weidu said, Gao Xiaosong can deal with it freely. Gao Xiaosong’s excellent opinions and cultural behavior reveal his scholar style everywhere. Gao Xiaosong can show people in such an image, which is inseparable from his early experience

Gao Xiaosong was born in a scholarly family in the traditional sense. His family background is a typical senior intellectual family. Gao Xiaosong’s father Gao Liren is a professor of Tsinghua University, and her mother Zhang Kequn graduated from the Department of architecture of Tsinghua University. Her mentor is Liang Sicheng, a famous architect in China. Judging from the resumes of Gao Xiaosong’s parents, Gao Xiaosong has no reason not to be excellent. The good family atmosphere has created a superior environment for Gao Xiaosong. Gao Xiaosong has dabbled in miscellaneous studies, music, physics, chemistry, history, geography and other fields, and he has a good foundation

Gao Xiaosong’s image of knowing astronomy at the top and geography at the bottom is also accumulated by him to some extent. Of course, after engaging in the pan cultural industry, he will inevitably encounter the situation of North team packaging, which is also the embodiment of the strength of the team. After all, it’s impossible for Gao Xiaosong to make high-end programs alone. If you want to do a good program, in addition to the profound knowledge of the host, you should also be in. Editing post-processing, scene design, human design and other aspects. There must be an excellent team behind this

in addition, today’s society as a whole seems very impetuous. Although the conditions in all aspects have become very good, few people have settled down to study. Gao Xiaosong’s fragmented expression also caters to the spiritual needs of contemporary people. Gao Xiaosong graduated from Tsinghua University. He has a wide range of knowledge and strong divergence ability. After being packaged by the team, the image of knowing astronomy and geography at the top and geography at the bottom is displayed

therefore, behind the image of Gao Xiaosong who knows astronomy and geography, there are elements of his own efforts and team packaging. It can be said responsibly that team packaging is just icing on the cake, and the key is to rely on their own efforts. From this perspective, Gao Xiaosong is really excellent, which is also in line with the ancient motto of “poetry and calligraphy come from China”. Therefore, we should not look at the problem too simply. No one’s success is accidental. Gao Xiaosong must have experienced a Phoenix Nirvana. We should be able to see the essence through the phenomenon and enlighten ourselves. This is the real self-learning

not packed because of good birth. Gao Xiaosong’s family are all highly educated. He has a great literary accomplishment under the influence of his parents since childhood. Therefore, it is also true talent and learning.

Yes, I think Gao Xiaosong is a very talented person. He is full of poetic and scholarly spirit, and is not packaged as real.

because he is a diligent and inquisitive person, he should be unpacked.

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