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Why are enterprises listed in packaging?

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1. Widely absorb social funds, and the injected funds can expand the business scale

2. Enhance the corporate image and enhance the credibility and influence of the company

3. After listing, the company needs to disclose its financial statements regularly to put its operation in the public view. Improve the influence on the industry and audience, create wealth, increase the wealth of shareholders and employees, and improve employee loyalty.

listing is actually a way of financing,
packaging is to let outsiders see how competitive and promising this enterprise is
the better outsiders see, the more people will buy stocks after the enterprise goes public. The more money you raise
at the same time, packaging can make it easier for enterprises to pass the audit after listing and filing. Easier to market
especially the packaging of financial indicators.



the purpose of listing packaging is that listing packaging is like a new product to the market. After joint-stock restructuring, the company issues shares and then goes public, which is equivalent to pushing the enterprise itself to the market as a whole, in front of investors all over the country and even the world. At the same time, it is also a new starting point in the history of the company, The company should also show itself with a new look and image. Therefore, the listing packaging of listed companies is very necessary and important. Its purpose is: & nbsp

the so-called listing packaging refers to the image design and promotion of listed companies when their shares are listed, so that investors can fully and correctly understand the company, understand the company, then identify with the company and be willing to become investors of the company. On the one hand, it is to make more people pay attention to the company and expand its influence; On the other hand, it lays a good foundation for the smooth raising of funds from the secondary market in the future

. Take listing as an opportunity to introduce the company’s business and products while expanding the popularity of the enterprise, so as to produce better commercial advertising effect. Although the development of China’s securities market has only a decade of history, its development speed is very fast. Trading outlets are all over the country, with more than 60 million accounts and almost hundreds of millions of people directly and indirectly affected. Publicity and promotion at the opportunity of listing is better than advertising. At this time, the attention and credibility can not be compared with any other direct advertising form

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