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Which brand of convenient sanitary napkin is good?

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Which brand of sanitary napkin is good

the physiological cycle of most girls fluctuates every month, sometimes a few days earlier and sometimes a few days later. If you can’t accurately estimate the time of menstruation, it’s inconvenient to put ordinary sanitary napkins in the bag, and sometimes it’s embarrassing to show them. Therefore, you always like to use convenient sanitary napkins, just put them in the hidden bag of cards in the bag. Free Linglong bag is a convenient sanitary napkin I found a few days ago. It is immediately powdered after use

1.& nbsp; Card design, easy to carry


first of all, because the packaging is eye-catching, the style of dazzling color mixing and matching feels cool and trendy, and is immediately attracted. Only when it was opened did we know that “there is heaven and earth inside”. There are several different inner bag styles with various greetings, such as peach blossom card and fairy card. I like vitality card best. I encourage myself to be full of vitality every day and charge myself at all times. With a free exquisite bag, I’m different every day. I’m cool and special ~ small and really small. It’s about the size of a bank card. I can put it in my bag and take it out at any time. To sum up, it is the most beautiful portable sanitary napkin I have ever used

2.& nbsp; Ultra thin instant absorption and protection against side leakage

although convenient sanitary napkins are easy to carry, the absorption strength of some products is too small, and side leakage often occurs when you are not careful. You have to worry about using a sanitary napkin, which is not distressing. The absorption strength of free Linglong bag is amazing to me. When the amount is the most, there will be a surge when you sit up for a long time, and it can be absorbed quickly. When I basically use it, the most obvious feeling is dry. There was no side leakage, which reassured me a lot

3.& nbsp; Paste type seal, clean and hygienic

Free exquisite bag also takes ingenuity in preservation. The outer package uses a reusable paste type seal, and the sanitary napkins that can not be used up are not easy to be polluted by bacteria. The most detailed thing is that the independent packaging of each piece is completely closed, which is different from the opening of ordinary sanitary napkins. In this way, it is much cleaner to carry

the free exquisite bag is small and portable, with large carrying capacity and absorption. The appearance of the package is very girlish. I really like this convenient sanitary napkin

whether sanitary napkins are good or not depends on the fluorescent agent, air permeability, absorption speed, reverse osmosis degree, smell, etc. Here is a ranking

1. Hushubao always liquid aunt towel

2. Cosmo sanitary napkin

3. LG guiainiang sanitary napkin

4. Essence sanitary napkin

5. Sophie safety pants

6. Le Erya

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