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Where is the 18 digit anti-counterfeiting code on the cigarette

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18 digit inkjet code is generally pasted on the bottom or side of the cigarette box. You can see the numbers inside by scraping off the anti-counterfeiting coating on the upper layer

the inkjet code is arranged up and down, and each row is composed of three groups of numbers. When identifying, send the number to the designated number by SMS. If you receive a message, reply as “The product you checked is produced by XXX company, and the inkjet code is the first inquiry”, which means that the purchase is true. If you are prompted that the inkjet code has been inquired for many times, you need to pay more attention.

identification by this method may not be completely effective. Many illegal businesses will cut one side of the real cigarette packaging box with a blade and replace the cigarettes with fake and shoddy cigarettes for packaging. In this case, consumers need to take more precautions and try to be formal Shop to buy


the anti-counterfeiting products on the market can be roughly divided into five generations from the perspective of technical characteristics and functional evolution:

the first generation products: products represented by laser labels

consumers also have no ability to identify the authenticity of labels, and labels are easy to forge. In the absence of comparability, 60% of counterfeit products and 100% of genuine products are difficult to confirm; The second is the temperature change label. Although it is easy for consumers to identify, it is also easy to forge. At the same time, nuclear track anti-counterfeiting has evolved

second generation products: inquiry digital anti-counterfeiting labels

consumers can check the authenticity of digital labels through telephone, SMS and Internet, but since the anti-counterfeiting digital is only printed on the surface of paper, it is easy to be forged

third generation products: texture anti-counterfeiting labels

texture anti-counterfeiting is an anti-counterfeiting technology with the inherent speckle marks of packaging materials as anti-counterfeiting identification marks. Consumers can query files and distinguish authenticity through the Internet, fax and telephone. The random principle increases the difficulty of forgery

fourth generation products: security line anti-counterfeiting paper technology and its application products, including anti-counterfeiting instructions and certificates of various products, anti-counterfeiting bottle stickers, anti-counterfeiting labels, etc. Consumers can easily identify the authenticity by identifying whether the safety line is embedded in the middle of the paper. The imitation threshold of this kind of anti-counterfeiting technology products is very high, which can not be forged by printing. It is really “easy to identify and difficult to forge”. Therefore, it is the most effective anti-counterfeiting technology product at present and for a long time in the future

fifth generation products: wireless anti-counterfeiting technology —- mobile Internet anti-counterfeiting technology. By attaching anti-counterfeiting labels with automatic mobile phone identification to products and packaging, consumers can use mobile phone automatic scanning for authenticity identification. Combined with texture anti-counterfeiting and safety line anti-counterfeiting, consumers will really feel at ease and comfortable shopping

paper grain anti-counterfeiting technology: paper grain anti-counterfeiting technology is to extract and identify the naturally generated anti-counterfeiting features of paper (i.e. paper grain)

refer to Baidu Encyclopedia anti counterfeiting

the above anti-counterfeiting code is only the 32-digit anti-counterfeiting code, which can not be found in the lower anti-counterfeiting code

Why are there only sixteen

first of all, we need to understand that not all products have anti-counterfeiting codes and websites. If it is edible, medicinal, skin care products and other products, you can query the product record on the website of the food and drug administration. If there is no record, it is not recommended to buy this product
the anti-counterfeiting code is generally composed of numbers and letters. It is generally located on the package and coated. The serial number of some electronic products can also be used as anti-counterfeiting code (the package is invisible without damage, which must be hidden). If the coating of anti-counterfeiting code cannot be scratched, it is very likely to be fake anti-counterfeiting code and fake products. You can query on the official website of the product (you can see the query record). If the anti-counterfeiting code has been queried or cannot be queried, the purchased goods are not genuine
if the purchased product has an anti-counterfeiting code, you can query according to the telephone and website prompted by the product. If it can be found and displayed this time as [first query], it is genuine. There are generally four ways to query the anti-counterfeiting code: Telephone Query, SMS query, website query and manual service desk. Generally, it is the most intuitive and fast in [product official website query], which is recommended. If you can’t find the anti-counterfeiting code information, it indicates that the product is likely to be a counterfeit product or a system problem (you need to find the manual service desk for confirmation).
if the product does not have an anti-counterfeiting code, it is not entirely certain that the product is a counterfeit product. Generally, the products of the old batch may not contain an anti-counterfeiting code. You need to check the announcement on the product’s official website or call the official manual service desk for confirmation. If the appearance and packaging of the same product are exactly the same, and the genuine product has anti-counterfeiting code, but the customer buys it without anti-counterfeiting code, it is generally a counterfeit product.

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