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Where are the laws and regulations of pesticide “transfer bag”, “transfer box” and “transfer bag”?

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is to play the edge ball. Some enterprises carry out a package containing several different pesticides, which is not allowed according to the pesticide management regulations, so they use transit to play the edge ball
the hardest hit areas are paddy field herbicides, wheat and rice insecticidal and bactericidal. In order not to let farmers know the ingredients, several messy drugs are sold together
there is also a case that the same medium package contains products from several different manufacturers. If this is in accordance with the pesticide management regulations, it is a violation
this model has something to do with the severity of local inspection and punishment. Such things are difficult to see in places with strict inspection and punishment such as Zhejiang, while there are relatively many provinces such as Jiangsu, Anhui and Jiangxi. Even some large domestic factories are willing to degenerate and do these things.

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