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What’s the use of the opening on McDonald’s hamburger box?

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this is a packaging design brought by designer rob bye for McDonald’s hamburger. Compared with the packaging of carton + paper bag + plastic bag commonly used by MJ now, this improved packaging uses one box to put all French fries, hamburgers and coke in, which can save more materials and be more environmentally friendly

▲ this is a redesign of McDonald’s hamburger packaging. Isn’t it great

▲ this is the existing McDonald’s hamburger packaging, which is too cumbersome and wasteful of materials, and does not protect the environment


▲ rob bye’s plan is equivalent to adding a long side with an opening on one side of the existing hamburger box. When in use, the upper cover and the lower cover of the box are respectively filled with hamburgers and French fries. Then, fold the long side as a partition, and then close the box. The opening on the other side of the long side is just used to put drinks ~

▲ so, One box can handle hamburgers, French fries and drinks

▲ and it doesn’t affect customers’ eating at all. Isn’t that good

opening is for ventilation. Those of us who have eaten McDonald’s outside should know that McDonald’s hamburgers will be very hot after they are just made, especially those who choose to take them out. If such holes are not opened in the box containing hamburgers, the heat of hamburgers will be stuffy inside and can not volatilize. Hamburgers generally have two pieces of bread with a piece of meat, regardless of chicken or beef burgers, If the interlayer inside it is placed for too long and has been airtight, the meat inside will become particularly unpalatable without the aroma just made before

and if there is no hole in the hamburger box, the two pieces of bread in the hamburger will also become unpleasant. Generally, hot things are placed there, and then airtight. There will be a lot of small water droplets like water vapor. If there are many water droplets, it will be particularly easy to affect the taste of the food itself. This is also the reason why the hamburger box will be made. Otherwise, the hamburger to be taken out has long been soaked by the water vapor, which makes the part of the bread melt, and the meat in the middle layer will become difficult to swallow because it is stained with water droplets

you should know that the existence of everything in the world has its meaning. If it has no function, it will not exist. It has long been eliminated by the times. Therefore, there are such holes in the packaging box of hamburger because of its needs. Otherwise, why do you make such a box

but I think it’s better to open a hole in the box, but it’s better to buy it in the store and eat it immediately. The longer you wait, the worse the taste will become. It’s just that you can’t change it on the packaging box. Otherwise, why are so many people willing to eat in the store and few people willing to take it back! Except for something, who is willing to choose to take it out! I hope it can be solved directly in the store

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and other fast food must have been eaten by everyone. Basically, every teenager likes to eat these fast food. Sometimes when he is busy and tired or office workers have no time to eat, he will order takeout, and most of the takeout are these same fast food, but, Most people just know how to eat, but they don’t find that there are several holes in these fast food boxes. Do you know why

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; We all know that these fast foods are fast, basically two or three minutes, basically no more than five minutes. In fact, these fast foods are hot after they are ready. If you don’t make two holes, the cold air can’t get in, and the hot gas in the box will be transformed into steam, that is, we use the local dialect to say hydration, which will affect the taste of hamburgers, Become soft, so it’s not delicious

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Secondly, if we don’t eat it in time after we buy it, it will get cold. If we eat it cold, we may eat bad stomach. Moreover, hamburgers are full of meat, so most people will use the microwave oven to heat it if it gets cold. If the microwave oven is hot, the lunch box must have holes, otherwise it will blow up the microwave oven, which may not only hurt themselves, but also break down. As we usually have hot meals, eggs can’t be heated. We have to let it breathe on the lunch box to be hot

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; That’s why there are two small holes in the hamburger box. In fact, the most important one is the first. I’m afraid that the hamburger will become wet and soft and affect the taste of food. It’s like steamed bread just steamed. If you carry it in a bag, you must breathe. They all follow the same principle. So we should eat something while it’s hot. Don’t wait until it’s cold. It’s not delicious and has no nutrition. Sometimes it’s easy to have diarrhea. Hey, hey, actually, people at McDonald’s are very considerate

it is convenient for the hot air of food to come out, so that the food can remain crisp and fresh in the box, so as not to be smoked and baked by the hot air so quickly. This principle is very simple, because we all know that cooked food – except cold food, will emit hot air. At this time, if fresh food is placed in a closed box, the hot air will quickly condense in the box or on the box wall when encountering the cold air outside, and turn into water droplets or steam, which will smoke and bake the food in the closed box, If your food is fried food, which pays more attention to crisp taste, then these foods will be pitiful and cruel. After being soaked by water vapor, they will become soft and no longer crisp and delicious

therefore, in order to ensure that the food will not be softened and wet by water vapor during the period from the end of the counter to the front of the diner or from the McDonald’s store to the takeout customer’s home, a hole is often made in the McDonald’s food box. In this way, the water vapor can be let out without gathering in the box, making the food wet and soft and not delicious

and we all know that if an object continuously emits water vapor and is hot, the continuous emission of water vapor of the object in a confined space will affect the pressure inside and outside the box, making it very difficult to open the box, no matter what the material of the box is, plastic or carton. Therefore, opening a hole in the box is not only to keep the food fresh, but also to enable everyone to open the box smoothly when eating

in fact, not only McDonald’s, but also many other takeout boxes will add some small holes, which may be learned from McDonald’s or thought of by yourself. It has to be said that the service industry is becoming more and more considerate for customers

heat dissipating

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