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What should we pay attention to when participating in the exhibition

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in fact, you should pay attention to many details when participating in the exhibition. Only by making reasonable arrangements can you play the greatest role in participating in the exhibition. For example, the schedule and personnel arrangement, staff accommodation and specific work arrangements should be in place. In particular, personnel arrangement, who should you arrange to be responsible for customer reception, who should arrange accommodation for other personnel, brand planning during the exhibition, etc
participating in exhibitions, enhancing the popularity of enterprises, and publicizing and promoting new products have become an important part of the business strategy of enterprises. How to make full use of the exhibition effectively, make the exhibition the best sales and marketing tool for modern enterprises, and realize the long-term business objectives of enterprises are the core issues concerned by many enterprises. In the practice of our exhibition, the author summarizes the following matters that should be paid attention to in order to improve the effect of enterprise Exhibition:
1. During the exhibition, in addition to negotiating business with customers, we should adhere to standing exhibition. Because sitting on the booth during the exhibition gives buyers and professional visitors the impression that they don’t want to be disturbed. When buyers and professional audiences get this impression, they will feel that you don’t pay enough attention and enthusiasm to potential customers. Therefore, it will affect their choice of enterprise products and related services
2. Exhibitors should not read idle books and newspapers in limited booth space. We should fully grasp the opportunity to attract the other party’s attention to enterprises and products, attract buyers and professional audiences to stop, consult enterprises and products, answer relevant questions in full spirit, and enhance their confidence. If you are reading a newspaper or magazine, the opportunity will be lost
3. Random eating and drinking should be avoided in the exhibition. Because this vulgar, sloppy and irrelevant performance will make all potential customers have a very bad impression on the exhibitors, and then affect their evaluation of the exhibitors’ corporate culture, management level, staff quality and product quality, resulting in distrust of the enterprises and products
4. Paying attention to and discovering every potential customer is an important goal of exhibitors. Every effort should be made to avoid neglecting potential customers, even for a few seconds. Obviously, no one likes to feel neglected. If you are busy at work, you might as well say hello to the customer or let him join your conversation. If you are talking with your exhibition partner or the person in the booth next door, you should consciously stop immediately
5. During the exhibition, pay attention to the way and time of using mobile phones. Inappropriate phone calls will reduce the time to communicate with potential customers every minute. So as to directly affect the business objectives of enterprises at the exhibition. In the exhibition, even if you can only find a good potential customer, it is also a success. If you don’t use your cell phone properly, you may miss out on your customers
6. Pay attention to appropriate methods for distributing materials at the exhibition. First of all, the cost of publicity materials is not cheap, not to mention that enterprises are not willing to lose high-cost publicity materials in the crowd. How can we deliver valuable information to potential customers who really need it? Mailing is a better method. At the exhibition, you can tell potential customers that you don’t want him to bring too many promotional materials and increase his travel burden. After the exhibition, you will send him the materials he requires. In this way, exhibitors can kill many birds with one stone: it shows the professionalism of exhibitors; At the same time, you can use the letter follow-up method to deepen your impression; There are also good reasons to do telephone or email series tracking
7. Uniform clothes, dress appropriately and generously, and do not wear inappropriate clothes to participate in the exhibition. In addition, pay attention to personal quality, do not laugh loudly, be polite to customers, and do not spit, pick your nose, scratch your head, litter and other indecent acts, because you represent not only your personal image, but also the image of the whole company!

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