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What pressure does food packaging design bring to the environment?

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in the process of social development, human damage to the environment is inevitable. Food is a necessary product for human survival, which has become the main item of consumption. However, food packaging has also become a part of food and plays an important role in food sales. However, with the increasing complexity of packaging, packaging has brought great pressure to the environment
as an important part of commodity circulation, packaging plays a certain role in expanding the production and sales of commodities. In a sense, the fierce market competition has been reflected in the packaging competition of goods. With the strengthening of the concept of packaging, some misunderstandings in the understanding of packaging have appeared one after another. Excessive packaging is a very serious phenomenon. Many enterprises believe that under the condition of relatively stable commodity quality, commodity packaging can provide higher added value for commodities and affect the competitiveness of commodities in the market to a certain extent. It is precisely because of these values of packaging that in recent years, some foods have the problem of over packaging, such as mid autumn moon cakes. Since April 2005, Chongqing, Shanghai and other places have successively issued local laws and regulations to limit the excessive packaging of moon cakes. In early July, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce one [the General Administration of Commerce and industry and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine jointly issued an announcement on restrictions on moon cake packaging and other related matters. Moon cake manufacturers across the country responded one after another and launched plans to reduce moon cake packaging. However, it is not difficult for us to find moon cakes with exquisite packaging on the market.
with the development of society and economy, the fast-paced lifestyle needs convenient fast food, which also gave birth to a variety of convenient food packaging. Convenient food packaging The range is very wide, from single small package to series of packages, and its market goal is for busy people with a fast pace of life. Convenience food packaging has the following characteristics: it can be taken by one hand and eaten by one person at a time. It is not necessary to eat other food and do not cook as much as possible. Also avoid using any tableware and do not require the use of a dining table. Due to the purpose and characteristics of convenient food production, enterprises use too many packaging materials in food packaging, especially disposable packaging materials, such as packaged instant noodles
since the transformation from planned economy to market economy, enterprises have paid more attention to contact and communication with consumers. Product promotion has almost become one of the basic channels for enterprises to promote and publicize products to consumers. Due to the particularity of food, food enterprises take promotion as one of the important ways to broaden the market and increase market share. By providing trial packaged food to consumers, they attract target consumers and some potential consumers. Solid foods are usually packaged in small packages, while liquid foods are usually distributed in disposable paper cups. Although the promotion activities of enterprises are not carried out frequently, if every food enterprise adopts this form of promotion, one side of meat wastes resources and is unfavorable to the environment; On the other hand, it can not drive consumers to save resources and protect the environment
due to the different understanding of what is an enterprise, there is a constant debate between Chinese and foreign business circles and theoretical circles on whether the economic responsibility and social responsibility of enterprises are recognized behind the spear or compatible and unified. The debate on corporate social responsibility abroad is mainly manifested in two views: one is the classical concept of corporate responsibility, which holds that the only responsibility of enterprises is to pursue profit maximization. A modern concept of corporate responsibility, which holds that profit maximization is only the second goal of the enterprise. The discussion on corporate social responsibility in China is mainly manifested in two views: one is the concept of enterprise based responsibility, which views the relationship between enterprises and society based on the profits of enterprises, takes economic value as the only measure of enterprise behavior, and believes that the greater the profits obtained by enterprises, the greater the contribution of enterprises to society. One is the concept of social standard responsibility, which views the relationship between enterprises and society from the perspective of society, puts serving the society first and the interests of enterprises second, and emphasizes the appropriate pursuit of the maximization of enterprise profits on the premise of meeting the social material and cultural needs and serving the society
it can be seen that at home and abroad, the pursuit of profit maximization has become the single goal of the enterprise since the emergence of the enterprise, which is regarded as natural. Recently, the understanding of enterprise economic responsibility and social responsibility of our idle food enterprises is still in the stage of understanding the concept of enterprise based responsibility, and the environmental responsibility as a part of social responsibility has not been widely concerned by the enterprise.

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