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What law is it against to import food without Chinese label

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Article 97 of the food safety law clearly stipulates that imported prepackaged food shall have Chinese labels and instructions

Article 9 of the measures for the supervision and administration of food safety in the circulation link prohibits food operators from dealing in the following foods


(12) imported prepackaged foods without Chinese labels and instructions or whose Chinese labels and instructions do not meet the provisions of Article 66 of the food safety law

Article 56 in case of violation of the provisions of items (7), (9), (11), (12) of paragraph 1 of Article 9 and paragraph 1 of Article 20 of these measures, the illegal income, food illegally operated and tools, equipment and other articles used for illegal operation shall be confiscated

if the value of illegally operated food is less than 10000 yuan, a fine of more than 2000 yuan but less than 50000 yuan shall be imposed; If the value of the goods is more than 10000 yuan, a fine of not less than two times but not more than five times the value of the goods shall also be imposed; If the circumstances are serious, it shall be ordered to suspend production or business, or even revoke its license

extended data

as the administrative supervision unit of food and drugs, the food and drug supervision and administration department can correct and punish the illegal acts of operators in the process of operation according to law, and give corresponding administrative penalties to operators in accordance with the food safety law, administrative punishment law and other relevant provisions

according to the product quality law of the people’s Republic of China, imported products must have Chinese marks for sale in the domestic market

first, check whether there are Chinese labels on the package. The contents of the label shall not only be identical with those in foreign languages, but also include the following contents: food name, ingredient composition, net content and solid content, country or region of origin, commodity production date, shelf life, storage guide, name and address of manufacturing, packaging, sub packaging or distribution unit, name and address of general distributor in China, etc

Second, see if there is a laser anti-counterfeiting “CIQ” sign. “CIQ” is the abbreviation of “China Inspection and Quarantine”. The anti-counterfeiting mark has been uniformly pasted on imported food that has passed the inspection and quarantine since 2000

Third, check whether the dealer has “imported food hygiene certificate”. The certificate is issued after the inspection and quarantine department has passed the inspection and Quarantine of imported food, and the detailed information of imported food including production batch number is indicated on the certificate. Only when the goods are in conformity with the certificate can it be proved that the food is really imported

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – General rules for labels of prepackaged food

according to the provisions of the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China and the general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food of the national standard for food safety, the prepackaged food circulating in China shall use the Chinese label in standard Chinese characters. If the prepackaged food is imported, in addition to the contents that shall be marked in accordance with the relevant national regulations, it shall also indicate the origin of the food and the name, address, contact information and other contents of the domestic agent, Those without standardized Chinese labels and instructions in Chinese shall not be imported.

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