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What kind of beverage packaging will arouse your desire to buy?

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first of all, the quality of the bottle should be better, not very poor. For the outer packaging, it’s best not to have a spokesperson. It doesn’t look non mainstream, not colorful, not flashy, and relatively low-key and single.

generally speaking, plastic outer packaging bags are good-looking and look very bright, which will attract me and make me have the desire to buy. In addition to these situations, I will not have the desire to buy.

I like, look good or especially cute. Besides, the outer packaging has special characteristics, which can particularly arouse my desire to buy. In fact, sometimes I buy a bottle of beverage not because of its taste, but because of its outer packaging, so the outer packaging is really important.

the characteristic packaging appointment arouses my desire to buy. In fact, sometimes when you buy something, your desire to buy it is not because of how practical it is, but because of its beauty.


don’t be too fancy. If people feel dazzled at first sight, it will give people a very upset mood, and they won’t have the desire to buy it. Simplicity and generosity are the best.

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