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What is the volume of a conventional oil drum? What is the specific size?

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standard oil drums are 200l, 80cm in diameter and 120cm in height,

prevention: ensure that the oil drums have their own suitable covers and are well sealed; Regularly check the oil drum for corrosion, bulge, defect, dent and leakage. Put the defective oil drums in separate secondary packaging drums or leakage emergency drums

ensure that the oil drum is compatible with its contents. For example, do not put acid in ordinary iron bucket or solvent in plastic bucket; Accurately identify waste oil drums


extended data:

storage function: if the oil barrel is to be placed outdoors, it must be ensured that rainwater does not enter. In the above secondary containment measures, the leakage tray, leakage platform and IBC leakage tray are wrapped with waterproof rain cloth, which can achieve the purpose of rainproof water, sun protection and preventing insects and birds from entering the package transfer container

the fixed open storage yard must meet the requirements of relevant specifications such as code for fire protection design of buildings; Articles that may cause explosion, combustion, decomposition and deterioration after exposure to water, moisture and dust pollution are not allowed to be stored in the open air for a long time

the open storage yard shall be provided with a stacking platform, which shall be no less than 0,3m above the ground; There shall be a passage of no less than 3m between stacks; Open or concealed drainage ditches and protective fences are set around the storage yard

the setting of stacking platform shall also follow the principle of conflicting with each other and different fire-fighting methods, so it is not allowed to store and place them together

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – oil bucket

generally 170L. The specific size is determined according to the barrel diameter

the oil drum was invented by the Germans. Before the Second World War, the German Supreme Command formulated the strategy of flash warfare, but there will be a problem at the same time. Because the attack speed of each attack force is too fast, the logistics supply can not keep up. Thousands of tanks, armored vehicles and trucks need a lot of gasoline in the battle. The German Supreme Command foresaw this problem and designed a container for gasoline, that is, an oil barrel. In 1939, the German army had tens of thousands of oil barrels before invading Poland. Because of the German genius design, the current military gasoline barrel still follows the German design more than 60 years ago. In the successful blitz across Europe at the beginning of World War II, the design of oil drums was regarded as a major part and strictly confidential.

all standard oil drums are 200L Diameter 80cm, height 120cm

generally 170L, find an oil bucket to confirm

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