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What is the name of the tape wrapped around the box when sending a large package?

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As shown in the picture, thank you!!

when sending a large package, the belt wrapped outside the box is called packing belt. The packing belt is mainly made of polyethylene, polypropylene resin and cold-rolled strip steel, as well as nylon and polyester. It is made by extrusion and unidirectional stretching and hot barber blue. The packing belt has strong tensile resistance, which not only has the tensile resistance of steel belt, but also has the ductility of impact resistance, which can ensure the transportation safety of products

in addition to the packing and binding of corrugated boxes, hot-rolled steel coils and cold-rolled steel coils, it can also bind glass, pipes, materials, fruits, etc


extended data:

precautions for packing belt selection:

1. The selection of packing belt has a certain relationship with the articles to be packed. If the articles are light, recycled packing belt can be selected, but if the articles are heavy, aisun suggests that pure Packing Belt should be selected, because the tensile strength of pure packing belt is higher

2. The second is the packing quantity. On this issue, many users have misunderstandings. They think it’s OK to use recycled material packing belt to play more. Here, AI Xun wants to remind you that this is definitely a wrong idea. The strength of packing belt is fixed, and the weight it can bear is fixed no matter how many pieces are played. Otherwise, there will be no significance of PP packing belt

3. The last is the bonding quality. The bonding quality determines the safety of the packing belt, so users should pay special attention when using it

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – packing belt

this is called packing belt, which is available for all large items. Its purpose is not to damage the items, but also to facilitate handling. I hope it can be adopted

this is a binding belt for machine use. The binding belt for hand use needs an iron interface. Large post offices use machines, while small post offices use manual strapping

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