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What is the method of packaging and packaging strategy?

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1. Type of product packaging

in order to facilitate the product to reach consumers from the producer intact, it must go through certain packaging. Packaging has two meanings. One is the static meaning, which refers to the containers and packages that contain and package goods, such as packaging paper, packaging box, etc. The other layer is the dynamic meaning, that is, the binding and binding process of various commodities. Packaging here refers to its static concept

decoration is closely related to packaging. Decoration refers to the decoration and beautification of product packaging, including the design of packaging and additional instructions. Decoration beautifies commodities through various colors


It’s related to decoration. Decoration is an additional part of packaging. Although packaging without decoration can protect products, it is disadvantageous to sales, because it can not show the beauty of the goods themselves, and can not arouse consumers’ purchase desire, so it can not play the role that packaging should play

from the market point of view, packaging is the form part of the whole product and a very important part of the content. It can protect and improve the value of the commodity itself. For enterprises and consumers, it is convenient for transportation, carrying and storage, so it has the function of promotion. Moreover, some liquid, gas and semi-solid commodities take the shape of packaging materials as the shape, through which consumers have a desire to buy. Therefore, we must do a good job in packaging

in order to meet different needs and promote product sales, products can adopt different packaging. The purpose of packaging is to improve the efficiency of transportation, which can be divided into the following two categories: packaging and packaging. The means of production are mainly used for transportation and packaging; Sales packaging is also called commercial packaging. It is a packaging with the main purpose of promoting sales. Sales packaging requires not only beautiful appearance, but also necessary decoration

(2) according to the form of product packaging, it can be divided into individual packaging, internal packaging and external packaging

individual packaging is also called piece packaging, which refers to the packaging on each product; Inner packaging refers to the packaging of several products; External packaging refers to the external packaging of products. This division is only a general division. It does not mean that all products have such three kinds of packaging. Some products have no individual packaging but only internal packaging, some products have internal packaging but no individual packaging, and some products have no internal packaging and individual packaging but only external packaging. Individual packaging and internal packaging focus on facilitating sales and use, while external packaging focuses on protecting products and facilitating transportation

2. Product packaging strategy

different product packaging plays different roles in promoting product sales. Therefore, when determining the packaging of products, we must choose the appropriate packaging strategy. Common packaging strategies include the following:

(1) similar packaging strategy

similar packaging strategy refers to that all kinds of goods produced by enterprises adopt the same shape, similar color and common characteristics in the appearance of packaging materials. The advantage of this strategy is that it is easy to improve the reputation of enterprises. Save the design cost of packaging. However, if the product variety and quality of enterprises are quite different, this strategy should not be adopted

(2) variety and grade packaging strategy

variety and grade packaging strategy refers to that enterprises adopt different packaging for their products according to variety and grade. The advantage of adopting this strategy is that it can show the characteristics of goods and facilitate consumers to choose and buy. The disadvantage is that the design cost is high

(3) combined packaging strategy

combined packaging strategy is also called “matching packaging strategy”, which means that all kinds of related goods are placed in the same package. For example, table tennis, rackets and tennis nets are packaged to make it convenient for consumers to buy. The advantage of adopting this strategy is that one thing brings many things, which is convenient to increase sales. At the same time, because new products and old products can be sold together, consumers can unconsciously accept new products

(4) reuse packaging strategy

reuse packaging strategy refers to that after the original packaged goods are used up, its packaging can be reused or used for other purposes. For example, empty cans, boxes and bottles can be reused or modified with other items. The advantage of adopting this strategy is that it is conducive to induce consumers’ purchase motivation, and empty packaging also plays the role of advertising

(5) complimentary packaging strategy

complimentary packaging strategy refers to the gift of lottery tickets or physical objects on or in the packaging of goods. Adopting this strategy plays a great role in attracting consumers to buy and expand sales

(6) changing packaging strategy

changing packaging strategy refers to attracting customers by often changing the style, color and pattern of packaging. The main products adopting this strategy are those whose product entities are closely related to the packaging, especially those whose shape is determined by the packaging

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