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What is the knowledge of packaging?

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are your gifts for friends or relatives? Or leadership? The distinctive style can well reflect the identity of the gift giving object. You might as well set a theme for your gift while paying attention to color. For example, for gifts to children, choose packaging with cartoon patterns, showing lively and simple; Gifts for lovers are packaged with bright rose patterns to show romance and sweetness; Gifts to leaders should be packaged to reflect dignity and atmosphere

at the end of each year, Meng Chun prepares gifts for customers. Mr. Li is a farmer entrepreneur. He hasn’t read many books. He prepared a peony ornament imitating jade for him, implying wealth and auspiciousness. A large dark red wooden box with auspicious patterns carved on it is very happy and expensive; Mr. Liu is an engineer who likes calligraphy. Meng Chun prepared a good piece of ink for him and made a packing box with an inkstone with simple shape; Mr. Liang is a youth department manager who often travels on business. Meng Chun prepared a famous brand MP3 for him. He wrapped a dark blue cloth like wrapping paper in the gift box and tied a silver ribbon; Miss long is an elegant middle-aged girl. Meng Chun has prepared a bottle of famous perfume for her, and is wrapped in a square silver box. After receiving his gift, customers expressed their heartfelt love

gifts should be given to the right person and packaged in the right way. Only when such gifts are given will everyone be happy

the artistry of packaging is indispensable. This can be demonstrated through details, such as a beautiful ribbon and a gorgeous star ornament. Feathers, dried flowers, plant stems and leaves, wood strips, stone chips, etc. are good props with strong decorative effects and can reflect artistic interest. Some people will hang some small things on the big package, such as small sachets and pocket notebooks, to make the gift package look lively, and this is equivalent to giving each other two gifts. In fact, to better reflect the artistry, we should consider the whole when choosing the color and shape of the package from the beginning. You can put the brush in the pen holder, which is a very tasty packing box; You can put a set of stationery in a simple schoolbag, which is a chic and beautiful packing box


Xiaomi is a very careful girl. Her gifts are always unique, which not only suits each other’s wishes, but also reflects her own characteristics. My good friend Mingfang is a lady who likes painting. During the new year, Xiaomi chose a set of brushes as a gift for Mingfang. Xiaomi used red, green and blue wrapping paper to pack. He made a rectangular box with hard paper. One corner of the box was missing. In this way, it actually became five corners. The box looks chic but not abrupt. The color is elegant and harmonious, which is in line with Mingfang’s hobby of painting. Xiaomi tied an oil painting paper card the size of a business card to one corner of the box. On the paper, blessing words were written and a beautiful feather was painted – it is the image symbol of Xiaomi’s nickname. Because of the color of the box and the card, Mingfang saw the box in a pile of gifts and knew that it must come from Xiaomi

you can make the other person recognize this gift from you at a glance through details. For example, the characteristics of your paper and your packaging method. A special card, like a business card of the giver, is unforgettable to the recipient. The packaging is so fine that I don’t know how much thought has been spent on the gifts inside! People who get gifts can’t be happy!

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