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What is the key in the lower right corner of the portable household vacuum sealing machine for?

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vacuum sealing machine refers to the machine that seals the container after the product is contained in the packaging container. It can be widely used in food, medicine, daily cosmetics, local products, chemical industry, electrical components and other departments. Next, Xianji Xiaobian will introduce the working principle of vacuum sealing machine and the use method of vacuum sealing machine

the vacuum sealing machine is to put food into the packaging bag, extract the gas in the packaging bag, and complete the sealing and date stamping process at one time after reaching the predetermined vacuum degree

working principle of vacuum sealing machine: after vacuum, the vacuum inflatable sealing machine is filled with a single gas of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen or a mixture of two or three gases. The nitrogen is an inert gas, which plays a filling role and keeps the positive pressure in the bag, so as to prevent the air outside the bag from entering the bag and protect the food. Its carbon dioxide can dissolve in all kinds of fat or water and lead to carbonic acid with weak acidity. It has the activity of inhibiting microorganisms such as molds and spoilage bacteria. Its oxygen can inhibit the growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria and maintain the freshness and color of fruits and vegetables. High concentration oxygen can keep fresh meat bright red
working principle of vacuum sealing machine, application method of vacuum sealing machine
application method and operation process of vacuum sealing machine: (take tea as an example)

1. Turn on the power switch
2. Open the pressure strip of the packaging bag and put the packaging bag into the studio. Here, we should remind you that the product should not be too full, and the object to the mouth should not be less than 4cm. Then put the packaging bag into the studio, and place the sealing part on the silicone strip flatly, and the bag shall not overlap. Turn over the packing bag pressing strip and press the mouth of the packing bag well 4. Open the packing bag and take out the packing bag to complete a working cycle
5. When stopping working, turn off the power switch and pull out the power plug


1. After loading the tea, put it into the vacuum sealing machine

2 Put the side to be sealed on the vacuum heating wire

3. After setting the sealing time, vacuum pumping time and nitrogen filling time, press the vacuum cover once

5. After the vacuum machine starts the vacuum pump, exhaust the air in the vacuum chamber

6. Start the nitrogen filling function of the vacuum machine, and start heat sealing to seal the product after the nitrogen filling time

Vacuum inflatable packaging put the food into the packaging bag, extract the air in the packaging bag to reach the predetermined vacuum, then fill it with nitrogen or other mixed gas, and finally complete the sealing and embossing process at one time

vacuum packaging machines are widely used in production enterprises. The following are the precautions for the use of vacuum sealing machines:

1. Keep the use environment of vacuum packaging machines clean and tidy, and the use environment should not be too wet

2. Do not use the vacuum packaging machine in flammable, explosive and other harsh environments

3. Unplug the power plug when overhauling the machine to prevent electric shock

4. The three-phase four wire machine shall be equipped with the same type of socket consistent with the machine power supply, and shall meet the requirements of three groups of four wire power supply; The single-phase machine shall be equipped with three pole power socket and ensure the reliable grounding of the machine

5. Keep the vacuum part in the best clean state, and wipe the inside of the machine regularly. The oil of the vacuum pump can only be added to two-thirds of the oil window of the vacuum pump, and use and maintain it in strict accordance with the operation manual of the vacuum pump

the main function of vacuum sealing machine is not only vacuum packaging, which has the functions of oxygen removal, quality assurance and preservation, but also compression resistance, crushing resistance, gas blocking and preservation, which can more effectively maintain the original color, aroma, taste, shape and nutritional value of food for a long time. In addition, many foods are not suitable for vacuum packaging, but must use vacuum inflatable packaging. Such as crisp and fragile food, easily caked food, easily deformed and oily food, food with sharp edges and corners or high hardness that will pierce the packaging bag, etc. After the food is vacuum inflated and packaged, the inflation pressure in the packaging bag is greater than the atmospheric pressure outside the packaging bag, which can effectively prevent the food from being crushed and deformed under pressure and does not affect the appearance of the packaging bag and the printing and decoration

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