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What is the employment prospect of polymer materials and engineering?

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the employment prospect of polymer materials and engineering is very promising

after graduation, you can engage in the synthesis, processing, application, production technology management and market development of plastics, rubber, chemical fiber, coatings, adhesives and composites in scientific research (Design) institutes and enterprises of petrochemical, electronic and electrical appliances, building materials, automobile, packaging, aerospace, military industry, light textile and pharmaceutical systems, As well as the research and development of high-performance materials, functional materials, biomedical materials, optoelectronic materials, fine polymer materials and other special polymer materials for high-tech fields. You can also engage in teaching and scientific research in Colleges and universities

I. polymer materials and engineering


“polymer materials and Engineering”: it is a discipline to cultivate senior engineering and technical talents who have knowledge of polymer materials and engineering and can engage in scientific research, technology development, process and equipment design, production and operation management in the fields of synthetic modification and processing of polymer materials

II. Training objectives of polymer materials and engineering

cultivate the basic knowledge of polymer materials and engineering, understand the basic knowledge related to the field of materials science and engineering, and be able to engage in scientific research, teaching, technology development, process design, production and operation management in the field of polymer materials, Strong computer application ability and language expression ability; High quality research and application-oriented professionals with good physical and mental health and innovative spirit

III. training requirements

students of this major mainly study the basic theory of polymer chemistry and physics, the composition, structure and performance of polymer materials and the technology of polymer molding and processing

graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1. Master the methods of synthesis and modification of polymer materials

2. Master the relationship between the composition, structure and properties of polymer materials

3. Master the basic theories and skills of polymer processing rheology, molding process and molding die design

4. Have the preliminary ability to study, design, analyze and test the modification and processing technology of polymer materials, and develop new polymer materials and products

5. Have the ability to apply computer

6. Have the preliminary ability of technical and economic analysis and management of polymer material modification and processing process

main disciplines: Materials Science and engineering

main courses: Organic Chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry, polymer physics, polymer rheology, polymer molding process, polymer processing principle, polymer material research method

main practical teaching links: including metalworking practice, production practice, professional experiment, computer application and computer practice Curriculum design, graduation project (Thesis)

main professional experiments: polymer synthesis, polymer material molding, etc

length of study: four years

degree awarded: Bachelor of engineering

employment direction of polymer materials and engineering
engineering technicians engaged in materials can be divided into research, development, production and application of materials according to the nature of their work. This is different with the development of material industry. In the 1970s and 1980s, some schools, such as Tianjin Institute of urban construction, mainly trained engineering and technical personnel engaged in the production of silicate materials and enriched relevant factories, which played a certain role in strengthening the technical force of production units and improving the quality of technicians. However, with the technical strength of Tianjin and the local material production plants where students exchanged with other provinces and cities tend to be saturated, the demand for talents in this regard has changed. Now only about half of them are engaged in material application, testing and material management in the construction industry
employment prospects of polymer materials and engineering
about the situation of this major when I started looking for a job: in November 2006, I found three companies, Midea, Gree enamelled wire, Jinchuan company, etc. I feel that finding a job in this major in recent years is not a problem. The key is the treatment. My classmates’ salary when they first signed the job was up to 3000, which may be much worse than other majors. Work: I can only tell you about my work in Jinchuan company. In this company, I work in the industry of wire and cable production. Now I practice in various workshops, and finally from technology to management. This professional pollution may not be comparable to the heavy industry of our main company, but there is also pollution. If we can do a good job in technology and management in the future, the treatment should also be considerable.

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 polymer materials are indispensable in any industry, ranging from clothing and eating, computer and mobile phone, to building, aerospace. The social demand for polymer materials and engineering professionals is still expanding. It is not difficult to find jobs corresponding to polymer materials and engineering. The difficulty lies in how to find promising jobs

 intuitive data show that the employment rate of polymer materials is relatively high, more than 92%. State owned enterprises accounted for 26.34%, private and private enterprises accounted for 13.17%, foreign-funded enterprises accounted for 11.93%, and scientific research and design units accounted for 6.26%

 the experience of senior brothers and sisters is that there are jobs to be found in the main directions of polymer materials, such as plastics, rubber, synthetic fiber, adhesives and coatings, and composite materials in cross fields. Among these directions, chemical ones are relatively easy to find jobs

Ask questions

 my family asked me to study medicine or be a teacher. They thought this could find a job. They couldn't find a job by learning this 

The salary of

 is 1000 + higher than that of undergraduate graduates, which is not very high. Of course, it also depends on opportunities. The polymer industry is interested in working experience. Generally speaking, the salary in the first three years is not very high. If you have three to five years of working experience, the salary will double! In terms of postgraduate entrance examination, the increase of salary will be higher than that of Undergraduates in a few years 


 compared with medicine and normal education, I said they 


 What major to study still depends on your personal interest. Even if this major makes a lot of money in the future, your personal interest is small and it is difficult to integrate into it. Appropriateness is very important 


 How about Applied Chemistry 


 medicine is also divided into many directions, and the salary in different directions is different. If it's just for salary, you can consider other majors. After all, the process of learning medicine is very hard, and it's hard to get a satisfactory salary at the beginning 


 What about Applied Chemistry 

If you answer

 normal school, the employment rate is high and the salary is stable. Normal school stude
nts generally need to obtain a teacher's certificate, which is also relatively strict. They can enter private enterprise schools, but the stability is not very strong. If they have the will to obtain a teacher's certificate, it is also a good major 

 in the eyes of the public, applied chemistry is classified as an unpopular major and is not optimistic. However, I think the employment scope of this major is very broad, mainly due to the small number of students and many fields of employment demand. In the employment rate evaluation report released by the Ministry of education, chemistry majors are unknown, so I am optimistic about the employment prospect of chemistry majors. Graduates majoring in chemistry mainly work in Colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, municipal administration, light industry, medicine and health, commodity inspection, health and epidemic prevention, environmental protection, building materials, fire control, chemical industry, food, agriculture, metallurgy and other government departments related to chemistry. You can also work in chemical plants, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, oil exploitation, natural gas transportation, building materials plants, pharmaceutical plants and other enterprise units. Chemistry majors can be chemistry teachers in middle schools. If you want to continue your study, you are suitable to study for a master's degree in Applied Chemistry and related disciplines

 the penetration trend of chemistry into other disciplines is obvious. More chemical workers will devote themselves to the research of life and materials, and make great achievements in the cross fields of chemistry and biology, chemistry and materials 

11 more

the prospect is good. The prospect of polymer materials and engineering is quite promising:
because of the global economic crisis, China is now just a development from labor-intensive to science and technology intensive. Polymer materials can solve many common heavy polluting materials with high energy consumption and low resource utilization
engineering is known as a combination of art and science. It is an endless frontier civilization specialty. Now China has reached the end of labor-intensive development
therefore, the government is now advocating the transformation and development strategy, and the so-called transformation is to shift from labor-intensive to science and technology intensive
therefore, polymer materials and engineering are disciplines with bright development prospects. The major of polymer materials and engineering trains students to have knowledge of polymer materials and engineering
senior engineering and technical talents who can engage in scientific research, technology development, process and equipment design, production and operation management in the fields of synthetic modification and processing of polymer materials
the main courses of its major include: inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry, polymer physics, polymer rheology, polymer molding process, polymer processing principle, polymer material research method, etc.

this industry, or major, has its own characteristics. You should do the specific research yourself
for example, what kind of work do you care about most, what kind of work do you do after graduation, and what kind of business units do research and development, or even sales engineers? It doesn’t count to change careers. If the leading enterprises in the industry can stay, follow the boss, and then encounter the outbreak of the industry, there is still much to be done
if you do scientific research, it depends on your personality. That prospect is hard to predict
in short, when making materials, we should have a little overall view. In the next few years, the domestic equipment manufacturing industry should be much better than before. As long as you can adapt to the rhythm of industrial enterprises, don’t chase the mess of the financial and real estate industries, and do research and development in a down-to-earth manner, even in the market, you will have no worries about food and clothing within ten years
for example, if you are a battery material worker and work in Ningde era, do you think your future development or salary will be poor?

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