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What is the design orientation of packaging?

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what is positioning design? Packaging design positioning
positioning design is an important part of packaging design theory
positioning, packaging design positioning, as the name suggests, is to determine your own position. Design positioning is mainly the method to solve the design conception. What it emphasizes is to consider the packaging design from the perspective of sales, convey accurate information to consumers and give them a unique impression. The quality of positioning directly affects the sales of goods
traditional packaging design mainly emphasizes the function of packaging to protect and beautify goods. Due to the development of market economy, the function of packaging design has fundamentally changed with the fierce competition in the market. The traditional packaging design concept has been impacted, and the positioning design theory has formed the main characteristics of modern packaging design
without competition, there is no need for packaging design positioning. The more fierce the competition is, the more necessary it is to create a positioning image that surpasses similar products. It can be said that whether the positioning is appropriate has become the key factor to accurately transmit the information to consumers. Food packaging knowledge also often mentioned that the design of product modeling, product packaging, advertising and other design involves positioning problems. Therefore, we must understand the positioning idea and master the basic elements of positioning design
2. Three basic factors of positioning design
positioning design divides the information to be transmitted into three basic factors:
first, brand positioning, also known as trademark positioning and manufacturer positioning. Trademark positioning focuses on the performance of product brand information and brand image. Trademark and brand are the guarantee of product quality. Brand positioning is very important for new products and packaging design of well-known products
Second, product positioning. It marks what is sold on the painting of packaging and decoration, so that buyers can quickly identify what kind of commodity it is and what characteristics it has, whether it is a cheap popular commodity or an expensive
high-end commodity
Third, consumer positioning. Make it clear to consumers at a glance who the product is produced for and who it is sold to
1. Brand positioning, packaging design positioning
the meaning of brand positioning is to show consumers “who I am” and “what enterprise I represent”. Trademarks (brands) – once registered, they are protected by law. In the current situation of popular consumer psychology advocating famous brands, brand positioning has important promotional significance
brand positioning requires that the packaging screen mainly highlights the identification of goods. When positioning with trademarks, color, graphics and text should be considered together
(1) color each company selects one or several colors used in the group platform to express the image of the trademark and become the “image color” of enterprise products, so as to make it easy for consumers to recognize and remember. For example, Coca Cola company selects bright red and white, which can give people a strong visual impact; Qingdao Xiyingmen Group Co., Ltd. chose orange red and golden yellow to express a festive atmosphere. It can be seen that these specific colors have formed the brand color impression of hidden rhyme in people’s mind
(2) in the packaging design, graphics give play to the expressiveness of the main graphics, so that consumers can associate the graphics with the product itself in their impression, which is conducive to the embodiment of the image and vividness of product publicity
(3) the font image of the character brand has become one of the main means to highlight the brand personality because of its readability and non repetition. In the registered trademark, there are a considerable number of text type signs, such as the world-famous Coca Cola, Sony, Casio and so on
the products sold by an enterprise are often closely connected with its brand. Once customers recognize the enterprise’s products, they actually recognize the brand of the product. If consumers think of Wahaha and robust, they think of fruit milk and purified water; When it comes to McDonald’s and KFC, it is associated with Meimei’s fast food. This is a successful example of brand positioning. Brand positioning is mainly used in the packaging design of enterprise brands with high popularity. Brand name is not only an identification symbol, but also helpful to market positioning, making it strengthen positioning, participate in competition, and form a lasting market advantage
brand positioning includes target consumer positioning, defining the scope of brand use positioning, using celebrities to endorse brand positioning, on-site physical brand positioning and so on
2. Product positioning
the purpose of product positioning packaging design is to enable consumers to quickly understand the characteristics, attributes, uses, usages, grades, etc. of the product through the outer packaging
for packaging design based on product positioning, the key to packaging design positioning is to highlight the image of goods on the main display surface of packaging containers. Generally, photography (realistic or concrete) and hand-painted (imitation) are used to express the contents faithfully. Among them, the use of photography is very common. It can truly and vividly observe the texture and shape of goods and make the goods the most fascinating. Human place is presented in front of consumers. Especially in the performance of the delicious feeling of fecal food. In addition, for foods with good color, we also use containers with high penetration to hold products, or use the method of “opening windows” in a large area, which can improve the appetite and facilitate consumers’ purchase
Product Oriented packaging design can be considered from the aspects of product origin, raw materials, 1 =, purpose, usage and grade
(1) product origin positioning some products have quality differences due to the different origin of raw materials, so highlighting the origin can become the guarantee of quality. For example, the packaging of dairy products such as “Mengniu” and “Yili” highlights the scenery of the place of origin of the product, which shows that the product comes from a fresh natural environment. Such a painting enables consumers to indirectly understand the place of origin and production conditions of the product, and can also convey a green environmental protection message: it shows that the product will not contain harmful chemical components and is a kind of green food, Make consumers feel at ease
in addition, the packaging design with strong folk flag style can effectively strengthen the origin identification of the product, so that consumers can know which home or region the product comes from at a glance. For example, the packaging design of local products in China and Japan often highlights the image of calligraphy, which has strong product characteristics and national spirit
(2) product feature positioning without features, the product will not attract attention. It is best to find a unique reason to make consumers interested in the product. Some similar products are of similar quality, their expression methods are also very close, and the sales price is also similar. How to highlight the distinctive characteristics of your products is to use your brain to explain a unique reason. The purpose is to let customers buy your products instead of others
(3) due to the differences between consumers, the purpose orientation of products requires that commodities have diversified characteristics. For example, biscuits and instant noodles of various brands have prepared products of various flavors for consumers with different flavors, so as to expand the sales of Ding noodles. Due to the different posi
tioning points, it caters to the psychology of consumers when buying goods
(4) product use time positioning if product packaging gives consumers a specific sense of time, packaging design positioning can induce them to spend at a specific time. For example, the packaging of fresh milk can be divided into several packaging with different weights and different expression methods. Family breakfast is generally consumed in large quantities, and the package with larger capacity can be selected; For primary school students’ class questions and meals, small packaging can be used, and the image and color of the picture should meet the interests of primary school students; It is for tourists to have a picnic during an outing, which shows the tourism atmosphere in the picture. In terms of packaging quantity, only one adult can drink at a time. In this way, through the design and text design of the outer packaging, consumers can understand and choose the goods they need. (Introduction to advertising design and production)
(5) product grade positioning under normal circumstances, the price reflects the product quality level. The designer should consider the packaging design according to the product price and reflect the grade difference of the product through the design method. For example: high-end gift packaging is generally characterized by expensive materials, exquisite materials and exquisite processing and production. If it is printed, it requires high-grade paper, unlimited color, and reflects the most advanced printing technology. The packaging of low-grade goods is generally characterized by low material, general materials and simple processing and production. If it is printed matter, the paper is general, with less color, giving people the feeling of popularity. The grade of products must be compatible with the grade of packaging and printing, otherwise the so-called second-class packaging of first-class products or first-class packaging of second-class products will appear, which is not conducive to the sales of products
3. Consumer positioning of packaging design positioning
mainly considers who the product is sold to. Through the image of the packaging picture, customers can feel that the product is designed for themselves or produced for their families and friends, which is a good sales strategy
(1) realistic and concrete methods of positioning consumers’ image are the most common. For example, for infant nutritional food and dairy products, tianpo’s lovely baby image is usually selected to appear on the Wang Yao exhibition of packaging to stimulate consumers’ purchase desire
a company specializing in the production of cornflakes in the United States, with a large scale and wide range of services. It is designed according to the race, age and gender of consumers to form a rich and colorful series of packaging. The characters on each package are different, including black women, children, whites, teenagers, the elderly and so on. When these packages are displayed together, the picture is very vivid, which gives different consumers full choice
(2) consumer psychological gunsuo positioning the packaging design of consumer positioning is considered from the psychological factors and lifestyle of people at different levels. There is almost no image of consumers on the screen, but it is suitable to express the psychological factors of consumers in an abstract, common and indirect way
the packaging of the “Yangzhong seedling grass” product, which is positioned as a local specialty, uses the advertising language of “family affection and nostalgia are all in Yangzhong seedling grass”, together with the ancient official script “salty seedling grass”, which highlights the meaning of the product, so that all Yangzhong people have a strong feeling of homesickness at first sight, while non Yangzhong people have a curiosity to find out. Salty seedling grass? Family and hometown? What’s their relationship? Therefore, consumers have the basic packaging design orientation to accept this product psychologically
above, three basic factors of positioning design are introduced. However, in most cases, each package should highlight a key point. Because the main display screen of packaging is limited, too much content will dilute the impression of consumers. Put the key points to be highlighted in a prominent position, and put other contents in the back and side. What information should be highlighted needs to be determined through market research, careful study of commodity data and market information, and understanding and mastering the position of waste products in the market. If the product brand is well known, it should focus on brand positioning: if the product has distinctive characteristics and advantages, it should focus on product positioning; if the consumption object of the product is very clear, it should focus on consumer positioning

what is positioning design? Packaging design positioning
positioning design is an important part of packaging design theory
positioning, packaging design positioning, as the name suggests, is to determine

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