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What is 5p in marketing?

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5p refers to the strategic elements that enterprises need to pay attention to in the process of market development, including the following aspects:
1p: plan
defines strategy as a plan, which is considered from the perspective that strategy plays a programmatic guiding role in action. As a plan, the strategy will fully reflect its foresight and willpower characteristics, and combine the main objectives, policies and business activities of the enterprise into a careful whole according to a certain order (which can be time order, space order or logical order). Strategy must be strategic and plan for the future. The business activities of any enterprise must comply with the strategic policies of the enterprise, so that all departments and links can work in a unified pace, operate in an orderly manner, cooperate with each other, and make concerted efforts to achieve the strategic objectives of the enterprise
the content, form and characteristics of the plan will be restricted by various factors. Such as the understanding level of the enterprise’s decision-making and management, the enterprise’s mission and vision, the enterprise’s own strength and operation status, as well as the external environment of the enterprise. Therefore, before making a plan, we must make an in-depth analysis of the possible impact of these factors on the enterprise, so as to formulate a plan with correct direction, clear objectives and practical feasibility
2p: pattern
the so-called pattern is a general method to solve certain problems. When the method of solving a certain kind of problem is condensed and sublimated to the theoretical level, the model is bred. Each model is an appropriate solution to a certain kind of problems or some problems. It comes from the regression analysis and effective combing of historical experience and previous events, especially the induction and summary of others or their own best practices (
), which is “a posteriori”. The value of the model is that it can grasp the essential characteristics of the problem and reveal the key factors of success
when the strategy is regarded as a plan, it actually implies a hypothesis: the environment is relatively stable, and the relevant environmental variables and other parameters can be preset in advance. But in many cases, this is not the case. In the face of sudden changes in the outside world, enterprises can not achieve foresight. At this time, we can borrow the existing mode to deal with and resolve the sudden situation. World Marketing Review (MKT. Icxo)
when the environment changes unexpectedly, or the strategy formulated by the enterprise seriously conflicts with the actual environment in the implementation process, the action taken by the enterprise is often to adjust on the basis of the previous operation mode, rather than re formulate the strategic plan. This strategy in practice is called emergency strategy. Defining strategy as a model just reflects the responsiveness of strategy. The long-term operation mode of enterprises determines its response mode to environmental changes
3P: position
this definition examines the significance of strategy from the perspective of external environment and emphasizes the open system characteristics of enterprises. Enterprise strategy can not talk about enterprises, but should be investigated under an open background to establish the position of enterprises in their environment. More precisely, it is to establish the position of enterprises in the market, industry and industry. Corporate strategy covers a wide range of fields, including any business activities and behaviors such as product production process, customers and market, corporate social responsibility and self-interest
when formulating strategies, business operators should fully consider their external environment, especially the impact of industry competition structure on enterprise behavior and benefits, determine their current position in the industry and various measures that should be taken to achieve their target position
taking strategy as a positioning aims to form a strong competitive advantage through the correct allocation of enterprise resources. In his books competitive strategy and competitive advantage published in 1980 and 1985 respectively, Michael Porter clearly pointed out that “strategy is to create a unique and valuable market position.” This view is widely recognized and occupies a “dominant” position in various schools of strategic management
4P: concept ()
as a concept, strategy is to emphasize the abstract characteristics of strategy. Its essence is the influence of the personality of senior managers on organizational performance, which involves many aspects, such as the purpose of the enterprise, the social image of the enterprise, the development prospect and so on. According to this definition, strategy expresses the enterprise’s cognition of the objective world, reflects the enterprise’s value orientation towards the environment and people’s views on the surrounding environment in the organization, and then reflects the values of enterprise strategic decision-makers
after analyzing the external environment and internal conditions of the enterprise, the subjective judgment made by the enterprise strategic decision-maker is strategy. Therefore, strategy has a strong subjective color. It exists in the minds of strategists and reflects the will and ideas of strategists. At the same time, this concept is collectively shared by the whole enterprise and acts together under the guidance of this concept
as a concept, strategy has high requirements for strategy makers: when the subjective judgment of enterprise strategy makers is in line with the actual situation of the enterprise’s internal and external environment, the strategy is correct; On the contrary, when its subjective judgment is inconsistent with the actual environment, or its value orientation has a significant deviation, the enterprise strategy is wrong. At the same time, as a concept, strategy means that it will be very difficult to change the strategy beyond the concept of enterprise strategy makers, unless there is a revolutionary change in the enterprise
5p: ploy
as a ploy, strategy aims to emphasize the competitive characteristics of strategy. In this sense, strategy is directly aimed at competitors. Stratagem refers to the means and strategies to guide action in a specific competitive environment. It is dynamic, that is, with the development and change of the competitive pattern, stratagem also has different ways, and the role of stratagem is reflected accordingly

in addition to understanding the strategy from the above five aspects, the integrity, guidance, foresight, systematicness, stability, comprehensiveness, hierarchy, dynamics, overall situation, reactivity, risk and many other attributes of the strategy are also worthy of in-depth analysis. The in-depth exploration of these characteristics will contribute to a more comprehensive and sufficient understanding of the essence of strategy.

“5p” theory holds that marketing strategy generally refers to price strategy, place strategy, promotion strategy, package strategy and product strategy
according to the survey data of multinational corporations, 63% of consumers make commodity decisions according to the packaging and decoration of commodities; Housewives who buy from supermarkets tend to spend 45% more than they originally expected due to the attraction of exquisite packaging and decoration. It can be seen that packaging, known as the “first impression” of goods, plays an increasingly important role in the actual market war. Therefore, it is not too much to call package the fifth P parallel to the combination of marketing 4P (proct, promotion, price, place) and make it collectively known as the 5P theory of new marketing. [



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