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What does it mean to brush water

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it is generally used when processing loans to obtain false book capital flow by continuously reducing the deposit and withdrawal amount. The purpose of looking at your flow is to look at your income and expenditure and assess your ability to repay in turn

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in short, the difference between win8pe and win2003pe is that the running Windows kernel is different,
2. The running kernel is different, resulting in a slight difference in PE functions
3. Win8 PE, that is, the running kernel is Windows 8, Windows 7 PE
4. The running kernel is Windows 7, and windows 2003 PE, that is, the running kernel is Windows 2003
5. Windows (Windows PE), windows preinstallation environment,
(2) is the smallest Win32 subsystem with limited services, based on the windows kernel running in protected mode
(3) it includes running Windows Installer and scripts, connecting to network sharing
(4) automating basic processes and the minimum functions required to perform hardware verification
(5) because the kernel runs differently, it has slightly different functions and generally runs normally.

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