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What do process engineers do in factories?

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What do process engineers do in factories?

if you want to be an excellent process engineer, you must first have good process ability

when we get a machining drawing of mechanical parts, we must quickly formulate the machining process of this drawing in our mind. We have the most basic judgments in the steps from machining equipment, cutting tools, fixtures, inspection tools to machining cost, and these judgments must be based on your professional ability and professional experience

to be an excellent process engineer, you should be familiar with the processing equipment of your factory


by familiarity, I mean that you must be familiar with the processing capacity and processing range of various processing equipment in your workshop, as well as what kind of processing accuracy they can achieve

processing capacity
what kind of processing equipment does your workshop have? For example, turning, milling, planing, grinding, boring, drilling and other machine tools, what kind of parts processing procedures they are suitable for processing, get a drawing, you can quickly confirm the processing procedures of this part and what kind of equipment is needed to complete these processing procedures

compare the existing equipment in your workshop to judge the processing ability, which is the ability that a qualified machining engineer must have

at the same time, if there is no corresponding processing equipment to complete the processing of the part, we should consider whether we can expand the processing range of some existing equipment through special tooling or cutting tools, which is also a very challenging subject for a good process engineer

processing range
mainly refers to the processing schedule of the processing equipment in your workshop, because although many types of equipment are the same, they have specifications, and the natural processing range of equipment with large specifications is relatively large

when you get a drawing, you must quickly judge whether the processing equipment in your workshop is capable of processing according to the overall dimensions of the drawing. Let’s not discuss the processing accuracy first, but at least confirm that the processing stroke must cover the size of the parts

in fact, as far as the processing scope is concerned, we can still realize the processing of some processed parts beyond the equipment stroke by means of tooling, secondary clamping and base surface positioning. The key is to make bold innovation and breakthrough in the processing technology of parts

machining accuracy

you must have a very good understanding of the machining accuracy of the processing equipment in your workshop. What kind of equipment can achieve what kind of machining accuracy, especially according to the requirements of the drawings, is very important. Otherwise, you simply cannot complete the customer’s acceptance of your machining quality

if there is a deviation in the machining accuracy of the machine tool, experienced mechanical process engineers can adjust the clamping mode of the workpiece according to the deviation law of the machining accuracy of the machine tool, and realize the effective machining of parts through step-by-step machining and multiple detection. Of course, this machining mode is a last resort under special circumstances

therefore, you need to have many factors to become an excellent process engineer, but once you achieve it, your overall personal value will be different from what it used to be

sometimes we say that talking about money is tacky, but in the workplace, salary is the most powerful evidence of your own value.

conscientiously implement the national technical work guidelines, policies and relevant regulations of the company, organize the formulation of short-term and long-term development plans for process technology work, and write specific implementation plans for technical organizations

be responsible for the preparation, implementation and supervision of product production process plan, including the preparation of product process documents, the formulation of material consumption process quota, the improvement of trial production report and participation in product identification, and the verification and improvement of process equipment

prepare process and technical standards and specifications of products

carry out technical communication of mold processing and master and control its progress and quality standards

pay attention to the implementation process of various production plans for new products, improve the product qualification rate and quality level, eliminate various process problems affecting the quality in time, and participate in the implementation of the process reduction project

complete the process evaluation of new product design, participate in its production and test verification, and be responsible for the development, inspection, diagnosis and implementation of various policies and objectives of product process

go deep into the production site, guide and supervise the front-line production of the workshop, guide the preparation of BOM data of products, prototypes and maintenance spare parts, organize the production process improvement of mature products, and solve the process and technical problems in production in time

undertake the drafting and revision of process technology management system, organize process management and supervise the implementation of discipline; And assist the human resources department in the technical education and training of employees

actively carry out technical research and improvement, review and sign improvement plans and measures, constantly improve process parameters, improve technical level, file and archive process and technical data, and promote the application of new technologies

the process engineer can be divided into manufacturing process engineer and mechanical process engineer. In the factory, the manufacturing process engineer is the main one. It is also a post that eats technical food

What do process engineers do in factories
the main work of the process engineer is as follows: first, be responsible for preparing the process documents of products and formulating the process quota of material consumption; 2、 Design process equipment according to process needs, and be responsible for the verification and improvement of process tooling; 3、 Guide and urge the front-line production of the workshop to solve the technical problems in time; 4、 Be responsible for the process tooling design of batch trial production of new products, improve the trial production report and relevant process data, and participate in the identification of new products; 5、 Carry out technical breakthrough and technical improvement to improve the process and technology level

how much does it cost to be a process engineer in a factory for a month
this aspect cannot be generalized. The high one can earn more than 10000 yuan a month, and the low one is thousands of yuan. Take my second tier city as an example. A process engineer with about 5 years of working experience has a monthly salary of about 6k-10k. A process engineer with strong comprehensive technical ability can earn nearly 20000 yuan a month. In my opinion, it is a good technical post

improve the process flow of the equipment, improve the productivity of products, reduce the defective rate of products, analyze the causes of defective products caused by faults in the production and operation of the equipment, avoid the occurrence of next defective products, and cooperate with the development department to develop new products

a very important position in the company, and experienced process engineers are also difficult to replace

as for the salary, it depends on each industry. I have seen that the salary of process engineers in current sem
iconductor packaging and testing enterprises is more than 10000. Ten years ago, the old man in the iron and steel plant was familiar with the iron and steel production process, with an annual salary of 200000 to 300000, because the experimental research data of the postgraduates recruited in the iron and steel plant were not as accurate as the old man’s experience.

the process engineer is mainly responsible for improving the process level and product quality of the enterprise’s products

job requirements:

1. You must be very familiar with product design, manufacturing process, packaging, transportation and supporting functions of products

2. Prepare the process flow and verify the product process before issuing the production order

3. Standardize the process and functional requirements of purchased products used together with the company’s products, and sign the sample to the supplier, quality department and purchasing department

4. Evaluate the producibility and proofing of new products
remind the quality control personnel of the production process in advance

extended data

there are many types of process engineers, which can be divided by work direction, mainly including mechanical process engineer, chemical process engineer, manufacturing process engineer, electrical process engineer, etc

the mechanical process engineer is mainly responsible for the preparation of product mechanical manufacturing process and product design, and solves process problems through continuous optimization of production process to ensure that the required standards of process and product quality are met

chemical process engineer is a person who is engaged in the development and implementation of chemical process and ensures and continuously improves product quality from the aspect of process. There is also a narrow side, which is engaged in the design work under R & D and does not design the process package in person

the manufacturing process engineer shall formulate the whole production process, assign the tasks of each department, be responsible for all details of the manufacturing process, and formulate the process documents of wi or SOP (standard operation instruction) to manage and control the process. In charge of the selection and verification of various assembly components and auxiliary materials in the whole production, and the design and manufacture of governance tools

the electrical process engineer should be familiar with the electrical process design specification and product inspection process design, the preparation of operation instruction documents, and be responsible for the proposal of process equipment and special tools. For the overall planning of process layout, be responsible for product process development, node review, process implementation, and participate in product trial production and appraisal

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Process Engineer

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what kind of Process Engineer
process engineers are mainly responsible for designing, applying, controlling and optimizing industrial manufacturing processes, especially in the chemical, petrochemical, agricultural, mining, polymer materials, food, medical and biotechnology industries with continuous operation
according to the European Bureau of labor statistics, the median annual salary of (chemical) process engineers is $108770 in 2019, that is, about 770000
are you a process engineer
based on the internal business information (it is inconvenient to share the source), in 2025, the salary of Chinese engineers of this multinational enterprise in China will be close to that of European manufacturing powers
at this time, do you still think that engineers in the manufacturing industry have no future? Of course, this future is directly related to its responsibilities:
process engineers participate in the whole manufacturing process. These engineers can design new processes and equipment, or participate in the improvement of existing equipment and processes
process engineers participate in the cooperation of the whole production system, including product and process research and development (R & amp; d). Will communicate directly with R & D department, production line staff, management and even customers
responsibilities of the second process engineer
a process engineer is responsible for developing processes, installing and monitoring equipment and processes that produce raw materials into finished products. Therefore, the work of process engineers varies greatly in different enterprises. Process engineers in large enterprises may be subdivided into several roles, while process engineers in small enterprises need to be responsible for almost all relevant tasks. Their daily work includes
research and development of new equipment (including design responsibilities)
monitoring equipment – including routine testing and ensuring that relevant maintenance work is effectively performed
completing relevant technical documents, And ensure consistency with internal and external requirements and specifications
monitor the process and maintain and optimize the production line
help and guide the process technicians to solve problems
summarize the production report and report to the superior and management
install new equipment
conduct risk assessment on the equipment and process. Include employee and plant safety and assess the impact on the environment
continuously evaluate equipment and processes to ensure a high level of production efficiency and quality
budget control
use simulation

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