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What did you gain after learning the fundamentals of machinery? Talk about your feelings.

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There are 1000 words for the final homework of mechanical foundation this semester. thank you!

“Fundamentals of mechanical design” is a technical basic course to cultivate students’ mechanical design ability. In terms of teaching content, this course focuses on mastering the basic knowledge, basic theory and basic methods of general mechanical parts (parts), and in terms of cultivating practical ability, it focuses on the basic training of design conception and design skills, so that students can have the ability to analyze and solve problems in engineering practice and have innovative thinking in design. This course is a transition from theoretical courses to design courses combined with engineering practice, and plays a connecting role in the transition from basic courses to professional courses. In addition to trying to learn the teaching materials well, we should also do a good job in practical teaching links such as homework, experiment and curriculum design, and pay attention to the main energy for studying the structure, material selection, manufacturing method, standards, specifications, applicable occasions, working conditions, stress and stress state, failure form, design criteria, design methods and steps of parts, as well as the derivation of formulas, the acquisition of empirical data, the origin of some curves, etc, Only for general understanding, there is no need to study it again and again, so as not to deviate from the focus. This course is a design course. Design is by no means just calculation. Although calculation is also important, it only provides a basis for structural design, not only the correct answer or the final result of design. The final size and shape of parts, components and machines are usually determined by structural design. The figures taken by calculation are often modified by structural design. In this semester’s study, through careful study and listening to the lecture, I wrote a chapter. What I learned from all walks of life and what I met are summarized as follows: introduction, the content and composition of the course; Machinery, machine, mechanism, parts and components: the basic requirements that the machine should meet: the role of this course: the basic requirements and general process of mechanical design. I have mastered the concepts of machine, mechanism and parts, and understand the content and composition of this course. And began to be full of confidence and interest in the study of fundamentals of mechanical design. Machinery can transfer energy (or force) from one place to another. In our life, hundreds of machines surround us and do all kinds of work for us. From small wedges and screws; To the human body; To the most intelligent computer-controlled genetic equipment; Machinery undertakes important work in many aspects of life. The great progress of the textile industry is the result of the universal application of the principles of mechanical science. With the increasing use of mechanized devices, power
has become a serious problem restricting the further development of machine production. To develop industry, we must have new impetus. So it is helpful for our study and work in the future. For example, the beating up mechanism and sword passing mechanism in textile machinery all use the characteristics of mechanical structure

there are too many people who want to make hair. In short, when you see something outside, the first thing you think about is how to process it. More and more three-dimensional sense of yourself,

there are so few women who learn mechanics when receiving goods


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