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What are the processes and machines for book printing

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What processes and work are needed for the printing of books and materials, and what machines are needed & nbsp;, Detail point

book printing is divided into three stages:

1. Prepress: refers to the work in the early stage of printing, generally including photography, design, production, typesetting, output film proofing, etc


machines needed: cameras, design inspiration, typesetting tools, output devices, etc

2. Printing: refers to the process of printing finished products through the printing machine during the middle stage of printing

machines required: printers, typesetters

3. Post press: refers to the work in the later stage of printing. Generally, it refers to the post-processing of printed matter, including glue (film coating), UV, oil, beer, bronzing, embossing, mounting, binding, cutting, etc. it is mostly used for publicity and packaging printed matter

machines needed: packaging machines, binding machines

extended data:

common printing terms:

1. White exposure /leakage: the printing paper is mostly white. When printing or plate making, the color of the connection is not close, exposing the background color of the white paper

2. Whitening: photographic plate making process in the era of hanging screen. In order to remedy the lack of dark bit sensitivity of online pictures, you can remove the original flash once or put a piece of paper to make up the exposure, or directly use the flash lamp to flash white light, so as to increase the deep bit network of the original and soften the image

3. Fat explosion: “overeating” will certainly “fat”. If phenanthrene has more silver particles, it will expand its territory. Manual overprint is more exposed and fattened in photosensitive film and septum transparent thick film

4. Trapping (): deliberately expand the color junction and explode fertilizer during color separation and plate making to reduce the influence of inaccurate overprint

5. Field: refers to the color block area without dot, usually refers to the full version

6. Anti white: characters or lines are printed with negative lines, revealing paper white

7. Screen collision: in the AM screen color separation process, the mesh angle distribution is wrong, or the distance between each mesh angle is less than 25 °, and the moire begins to be obvious

8. Flying screen: the screen hanging process of lens plate making. After normal exposure, remove the screen hanging and supplement short exposure to increase contrast

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – printing process and technology

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – printing

you can refer to the classification of books by Chinese book classification

“Chinese book classification” is a classification prepared on the basis of scientific classification and combined with the characteristics of books
it divides disciplines into five categories, 22 categories. The basic sequence is: Marxism Leninism Mao thought, philosophy, social science, natural science, comprehensive books,

a Marxism, Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought
a Marxism, Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought
1 Selected Works of Marx and Engels
11 Anthologies
12 single line works
121 the formation period of Marxism (- 1847)
122 the upsurge and decline period of the revolutionary storm (1848-1863)
123 the period of the first international and the Paris Commune (1864-1872)
124 the period of widespread dissemination of Marxism and the establishment of socialist political parties in various countries (1873-june 1889)
125 the second international period (July 1889-1895)
13 anthologies, diaries Correspondence and conversation
14 poems
15 manuscripts
16 monographs
18 quotations
2 Lenin’s works
21 anthologies and anthologies
22 single line works
23 epistles, diaries, correspondence and conversation
25 manuscripts
26 monographs
28 quotations
3 Stalin’s works
31 anthologies and anthologies
32 single line works
33 epistles, diaries Correspondence and conversation
35 handwriting
36 monographs
38 quotations
4 selected works of Mao Zedong
41 Anthologies
42 single line works
421 before the first domestic Revolutionary War (- 1924)
422 during the first domestic Revolutionary War (1924-july 1927)
423 during the first domestic Revolutionary War (August 1927-june 1937)
424 during the war of resistance against Japan (July 1937-august 1945)
425 during the third domestic Revolutionary War (September 1945-september 1949)
426 the period of socialist revolution and socialist construction
43 epistles, diaries, correspondence and conversations
44 poems
45 handwriting
46 monographs
48 quotations
5 monographs of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong
56 monographs
58 quotations
7 Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin Mao Zedong’s life and biography
71 Marx
72 Engels
73 Lenin
74 Stalin
75 Mao Zedong
8 study and research of Marxism, Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought
81 Marx Study and Research on Engels’ works
82 study and Research on Lenin’s works
83 study and Research on Stalin’s works
84 study and Research on Mao Zedong’s works
85 study and Research on compilation of works
0 philosophical theory
0-0 Marxist Philosophy (general)
1 Basic Problems of philosophy
2 dialectical materialism
21 materialism
22 consciousness
23 epistemology Reflection theory
24 materialist dialectics
25 materialist dialectics categories
26 ways of thinking and working methods
27 application of dialectical materialism
3 historical materialism (historical materialism)
8 philosophical schools and their research
81 idealism
82 positivism, empirical Criticism (Mach)
83 voluntarism, philosophy of life
84 new Kant’s attention Neo Hegelian
85 Neo realism Logical positivism (new positivism, logical empiricism)
86 Existentialism (existentialism)
87 pragmatism
88 new Thomas (New scholastic philosophy)
89 other philosophical schools
1 world philosophy
12 ancient philosophy
13 medieval philosophy
14 modern philosophy
15 modern philosophy
17 dissemination and development of Marxist philosophy
2 Chinese philosophy
20 materialism and idealism (general)
22 pre Qin philosophy
221 pre Confucian philosophy
222 Confucianism
223 Taoism
224 Mohism
225 Legalists
226 Legalists
227 Yin Yang School
228 strategists
229 miscellaneous scholars
232 Qin and Han Philosophy (General) (221-220 BC)
233 Qin Philosophy (221-207 BC)
234 Han Philosophy (206-220 BC)
235 philosophy of the Three Kingdoms, Jin and Northern and Southern Dynasties (220-589)
241 philosophy of Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties (581-960)
244 song Yuan Philosophy (960-1368)
248 philosophy of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
249 philosophy of Qing Dynasty (1644-1840)
25 Modern Philosophy (1840-1918)
26 Modern Philosophy (1919 -)
27 dissemination and development of Marxist Philosophy in China
3 Asian Philosophy
302 Ancient Philosophy (Asia)
303 Medieval Philosophy (Asia)
304 Modern Philosophy (Asia)
305 modern philosophy (Asia)
307 dissemination and development of Marxist Philosophy in Asia
31 East Asian philosophy
33 Southeast Asian Philosophy (I)
34 Southeast Asian Philosophy (II)
35 South Asian philosophy
36 Central Asian philosophy
37 West Asian Philosophy (I)
38 West Asian Philosophy (II)
4 African Philosophy
402 Ancient Philosophy (Africa)
403 Medieval Philosophy (Africa)
404 Modern Philosophy (Africa)
405 Modern Philosophy (Africa)
407 dissemination and development of Mar
xist Philosophy in Africa
41 North African Philosophy
42 East African Philosophy
43 West African Philosophy (I)
44 West African Philosophy (II)
45 West African Philosophy (III)
46 Central African Philosophy
47 South African Philosophy (I)
48 South African Philosophy (II)
5 European Philosophy
502 Ancient Philosophy (Europe)
503 Medieval Philosophy (Europe)
504 Modern Philosophy (Europe)
505 Modern Philosophy (Europe)
507 dissemination and development of Marxist Philosophy in Europe
51 Eastern and central European Philosophy (I)
52 Eastern Europe Central European Philosophy (II)
53 Nordic philosophy
54 southern European Philosophy (I)
55 southern European Philosophy (II)
56 Western European Philosophy
6 Oceanian philosophy
7 American philosophy
80 Thinking Science (general theory)
81 logic (theoretical theory)
0 general theory
811 dialectical logic
812 formal logic (nominalis and dialectics)
[813] mathematical logic (symbolic logic) (should enter O141)
[814] Probability logic
815 philosophical logic (non classical logic)
819 applied logic
82 Ethics (Moral Philosophy)
0 general comment
821 outlook on life, philosophy of life
822 national morality
823 family Marriage morality
824 social morality
825 personal cultivation
83 aesthetics
0 general discussion
832 aesthetics and social production
832 aesthetics and real social life
[835] art aesthetics (suitable for J01)
84 psychology
0 general discussion
841 psychological research methods
842 psychological process and psychological practice
843 generative psychology
844 developmental psychology (Human Psychology)
845 physiological psychology
846 abnormal psychology, morbid psychology, super conscious psychology
848 personality psychology, personality psychology
849 applied psychology
9 atheism Religion
91 atheism
92 religion
93 myth and primitive religion
94 Buddhism
95 Taoism
96 Islam (Islam)
97 Christianity
98 other religions
99 superstition
C social science
C general theory of social science
0 theory and methodology of social science
1 current situation and overview of social science
2 organs, groups Conference
3 social science research methods
4 social science education and popularization
5 Social Science Series, anthologies and continuous publications
51 Series (jointly engraved Books)
52 complete works, anthologies
53 anthologies, conference proceedings
54 Yearbook, Yearbook
55 continuous publications Journal
6 Social Sciences reference book
[7] “social sciences literature search book (please refer to g257.33, z88 /89)”
8 statistics
81 statistical methods
[82] special Statistics (suitable for relevant disciplines)
83 statistical data of countries all over the world
91 sociology
92 demography
93 management
[94] system theory (Systematics and Systems Engineering) (please refer to N94)
96 talent science
d politics, law
0 political theory
1 /3 communist movement, Communist Party
1 international communist movement
2 Communist Party of China, Communist Youth League
3 communist parties of all countries
4 workers, farmers, youth Women’s movements and organizations
5 World Politics
6 Chinese politics
7 national politics
73 Asian politics
74 African politics

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