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What are the materials suitable for tea bags?

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binding tape,
PE bag,
sealing tape,
silicone sleeve,
in recent years, the health care effect of tea has attracted much attention from consumers. In order to promote tea, some tea merchants emphasize the curative effect on the packaging label, which is easy to cause doubts and disputes about whether the tea commodity should be managed with general food, health food or drugs. Therefore, the tea industry improvement field hopes that the labeling of tea packaging should return to the essence of tea as a natural and hygienic daily hobby, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes
at present, there are no strict regulations on the packaging and labeling of tea, mainly because the tea business is mostly self-produced, self-made and self sold. However, a clear indication of the type of tea, manufacturing date, origin, manufacturer and drinking method will help to promote the promotion and brand building of tea. Generally, the materials suitable for tea packaging include: first, PE bag (plastic bag)
PE bag, that is, PE bag is a widely used packaging material at present. Generally, there are two kinds of low-density PE bag and high-density PE bag. Low-density PE bag has high moisture permeability and air permeability, while high-density PE bag is small
PE bags have the advantages of economy, cheapness and good moisture resistance, while their disadvantages are poor light transmission and gas resistance, which can not be used individually in tea packaging. It is better to add another layer of polyethylene bag for packaging, which can block light and have low air permeability, such as synthetic paper can, iron can, etc.: PE bag has high air permeability, and it is difficult to solve the problem of oxygen in the packaging bag. It is not an ideal packaging material
II. Metal cans
metal cans have the advantages of extrusion resistance and good texture. In the early stage, they were mainly used for the outer packaging of tea with PE bag inner packaging. However, they have been gradually eliminated due to their high price and easy corrosion, rust and deformation. The paint smell in the metal can and the tightness of the cover are not enough and should not be used alone
III. synthetic paper can
synthetic paper can is the most widely used packaging material at present. Its advantages are economy, lightness and beauty. Only its air permeability and moisture permeability are still high, and it is not suitable to be used alone. It is best to cooperate with PE bag or aluminum foil laminated bag for inner packaging. This article is transferred from: West Lake Longjing information platform
IV. aluminum foil laminated bag
aluminum foil laminated bag is beautiful and generous. Its advantages are light tight, moisture proof and excellent oxygen resistance. However, the price is more expensive than PE bag, and there will be extrusion problems when used alone. Aluminum foil laminated bags can be treated with vacuum or nitrogen filling or deoxidizer, and combined with packaging cartons or synthetic paper cans, the moisture prevention, gas blocking, light avoidance and oxygen free storage of tea can be solved perfectly. Low temperature storage is the most perfect storage method of tea
v. glass cans, magnetic cans, wooden boxes and cartons
although glass cans have excellent air and moisture resistance, they are transparent, fragile, heavy and expensive. Magnetic cans or ceramic pots can avoid light, but they are similar to glass cans. They are fragile and heavy. If the wooden box is not handled properly, it is easy to cause tea to absorb peculiar smell and absorb moisture and breathe freely. Cartons or paper bags are easy to absorb moisture and break. These materials are not ideal tea packaging materials
VI. nitrogen filling or vacuum packaging
vacuum packaging due to the shrinkage of the packaging bag, in order to avoid re extrusion, collision and beauty, it is advisable to add external packaging protection. Nitrogen filled packaging will expand the bag, and can not be squeezed to avoid bag explosion. Both of them need to be packaged, and the preservation also has good results, but the investment is more expensive.

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