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What are the food machinery

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our company recycles and sells second-hand food factory equipment, second-hand beverage factory equipment, second-hand feed factory equipment, second-hand winery equipment, second-hand central kitchen equipment, second-hand oil factory equipment, second-hand chemical factory equipment, second-hand pharmaceutical factory equipment, second-hand environmental protection equipment, etc. Free valuation and door-to-door recycling; With the purpose of increasing revenue, reducing expenditure and making the best use of everything, the company provides customers with more cost-effective equipment according to their different production needs

(I) meat products processing equipment: second-hand frozen meat chopper, frozen meat slicer, frozen meat planer, frozen meat Dicer, frozen meat grinder, chopping and mixing machine, vacuum rolling machine, salt water injection machine, vacuum mixing machine, beating machine, bone and meat separator, bone sawing machine, chopping and discharging machine, various ball molding machines, enema machine, knot machine, punch in machine, etc

(II) cleaning line equipment: second-hand wool roller cleaning machine, drum cleaning machine, bubble cleaning machine, vibrating dehydration screen, turnover air dryer, bottle washer, dishwasher, basket washer, etc

(III) food ripening equipment: second-hand sandwich pot, boiling pot, planetary stirring fryer, steamer, fumigation furnace, fryer, fryer, fryer, boiling line, etc


(IV) packaging equipment: second-hand automatic packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, pillow packaging machine, stretch film packaging machine, modified atmosphere packaging machine, full-automatic filling and sealing machine, multi head scale packaging machine, bag feeding packaging machine, full-automatic powder packaging machine, seasoning packaging machine, heat shrinkable film packaging machine, sealing machine, inkjet printer, coding machine, labeling machine, etc

(V) sterilization equipment: second-hand sterilization pot, sterilization kettle, pasteurizer, microwave sterilizer, etc

(six), drying equipment: used roller dryer, freeze-drying machine, mesh belt drier, centrifugal spray dryer, rake dryer, disc dryer, fluidized bed dryer, flash dryer, microwave dryer, hot air circulation oven, etc. Br>
(VII) environmental protection equipment: second-hand diaphragm filter press, box filter press, belt filter press, water treatment, etc

(VIII) centrifugal equipment: second-hand flat centrifuge, tripod centrifuge, sling centrifuge, horizontal screw centrifuge, etc

(IX) reaction equipment: second-hand enamel reactor, stainless steel reactor, etc

(x) storage equipment: second-hand stainless steel storage tank, plastic storage tank, FRP storage tank, iron tank, aluminum tank, vertical storage tank, horizontal storage tank, vehicle tank, mixing tank, heating tank, insulation tank, beer tank, etc

(XI) laboratory equipment: second-hand microscope, constant temperature water bath pot, incubator, drying oven, sterilization pot, analytical Libra, etc

(XII) other equipment: second-hand star anise mixer, sugar coating pot, beater, condenser, homogenizer, granulator, dough mixer, ice maker, puffer, filling machine, dumpling forming machine, quick-frozen tunnel, small hopper car, elevator, assembly line, screw air compressor, vacuum pump and workbench

rice noodle machine, sausage noodle machine, rice noodle machine, vermicelli machine, noodle machine, noodle machine, cold skin machine; And tofu machine, bean sprout machine, bean curd machine, meatball machine, oil press, egg roll machine, marshmallow machine, hot dog machine and corn popcorn machine

there are many kinds of food machinery, which can be roughly divided into cleaning equipment, drying equipment, quick freezing equipment, thawing equipment, sterilization equipment, sorting equipment, cooking equipment, frying equipment and auxiliary equipment. Most of the production processes you can think of will have corresponding equipment

food cleaning equipment. Food deep processing equipment. Sterilization equipment. Packaging equipment, etc…

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