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What are the English abbreviations of “packing case”, “specification”, “quantity”, “size” and “weight”??

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packing box: CTN

specification: spec /specs

quantity: qty


size: dim

weight (gross): G.W.

weight (net): N.W.

gross and net weight: G.W. /N.W.

extended data

common terms in foreign Trade:

1. Ex (point of origin) is also known as EXW (ex works)

EXW is one of the international trade terms, which means that the seller completes the delivery when the goods are handed over to the buyer at its location or other designated place (such as workshop, factory or warehouse), The Seller shall not handle export customs clearance procedures or load the goods on any means of transport

2. FOB (free on board)

FOB is also known as “FOB”, In practice, it is usually used as “FOB… Port (place of departure) In case of FOB transaction, the buyer shall be responsible for sending ships to pick up the goods. The Seller shall load the goods on the vessel designated by the buyer within the port of shipment and the specified time limit specified in the contract, and notify the buyer in time. In the actual transaction, the buyer will entrust the seller to help charter the ship, fix the warehouse and pay the insurance, that is, quasi CIF, and the buyer will pay the seller additional fees! When the goods cross the ship’s rail when loading, the risk is transferred from the seller to the buyer

3. Fas (Free Alongside Ship)

trade term for Free Alongside Ship (named port of shipment), abbreviated as fas. It means that the seller delivers the goods to the side of the ship on the wharf or barge at the designated loading port. From then on, the buyer must bear all costs and risks of loss or damage to the goods. In addition, the buyer must go through export customs clearance procedures

4. FCA (free carrier) to the carrier (… Designated place)

FCA is free carrier, that is, “free carrier (… Designated place)” refers to that the seller completes the delivery as long as the seller delivers the goods to the carrier designated by the buyer at the designated place and handles the export customs clearance procedures

5. C & amp; After f (cost and freight), it is changed to CFR (in the actual operation of foreign trade, many guests like to use CNF to represent C & amp; F, in fact, they just change the symbol & amp; to N, which means the same)

packing box: Carton /CTN
quantity: quality /qty
size: dimension /dim
weight (gross): gross weight /G.W.
weight (net): net weight /N.W.
pallet: pallet /PLT
number of packages /NMP
number of bottles: number of bottle /NMB
dozen /12 pieces: dozen /DZN
cubic meter /CBM
number: pieces /PCS
kilogram: kilogram /kg

brother, study hard

What are the English abbreviations of “packing case”, “specification”, “quantity”, “size” and “weight”

“specification” is in English:; Abbreviation: TP

“quantity” in English: quantity; Abbreviation: AMT

“size” in English is: & nbsp; size; Abbreviation: Sz

“weight” in English is: & nbsp; weight; Abbreviation: wt

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