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What are the design websites

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it’s better to learn than to learn design. The reason is very simple and easy to learn (unlike other industries with high learning cost and great difficulty). It is suitable for short-term learning for 3-4 months. Moreover, the industry gap is very large. Whether it is looking for a job or receiving private orders at home, the monthly income is easy to exceed 10000, and 20000 or 30000 is also common. [Click to enter] free “post short video clip” learning website:
/school /Yingshi? type=2& Zdhhr-11y17r-

you can download the [draw Xueba] app to your mobile phone to facilitate fragment time learning – draw Xueba app Download: /scripts /download
Industrial Design

I want to teach myself & nbsp; Red China & nbsp; Leaf subtree net & nbsp; Tutorial Network & nbsp; Graphic Design & nbsp& nbsp;

plane must see & nbsp& nbsp; Chinese graphic design in & nbsp& nbsp; 3 Vision & nbsp& nbsp; Digital Resource Network & nbsp& nbsp; PS Tutorial & nbsp& nbsp; PS tutorial Forum & nbsp& nbsp;


Interior Design & nbsp& nbsp;

indoor must see & nbsp& nbsp; Hejia & nbsp& nbsp; Chinese architecture and interior & nbsp& nbsp; China Interior Design Network & nbsp& nbsp; Tuba Rabbit & nbsp& nbsp; Indoor people & nbsp& nbsp;

Web Design & nbsp& nbsp;

Web designer alliance & nbsp& nbsp; Blue ideal & nbsp& nbsp; Design & nbsp& nbsp; Web material & nbsp& nbsp; Cool station Appreciation & nbsp& nbsp; Web design company & nbsp& nbsp;

Packaging Design & nbsp& nbsp;

China Packaging Design Network & nbsp& nbsp; China Packaging Design Network & nbsp& nbsp; China printing and Packaging Network & nbsp& nbsp; Packaging and Design & nbsp& nbsp; Packaging design – Introduction & nbsp& nbsp; Packaging design company & nbsp& nbsp;

Architectural Design & nbsp& nbsp;

Abbs architecture theory & nbsp& nbsp; Chinese architecture and interior & nbsp& nbsp; China design online – & nbsp& nbsp; National Building Standard Design & nbsp& nbsp; 21st century architectural design & nbsp& nbsp; Yaku Drawing Network & nbsp& nbsp;

Industrial Design & nbsp& nbsp;

BillWan & nbsp; Chinese industrial design in & nbsp& nbsp; Design. China & nbsp& nbsp; Nagin & nbsp& nbsp; China Industrial Design Association & nbsp& nbsp; Guangdong Industrial Design Network & nbsp& nbsp;

Fashion Design & nbsp& nbsp;

China brand clothing network & nbsp& nbsp; China clothing network & nbsp& nbsp; Clothing information & nbsp& nbsp; Fashion front & nbsp& nbsp;

exhibition hall design & nbsp& nbsp;

exhibition hall design – Encyclopedia & nbsp& nbsp; Spring and autumn Dayu& nbsp; Western Classic & nbsp& nbsp; Effect drawing of Exhibition Hall & nbsp& nbsp; Top design & nbsp& nbsp;

creative design & nbsp& nbsp;

Creative Design Encyclopedia & nbsp& nbsp; China Federation of art and Design & nbsp& nbsp; Creative cool & nbsp& nbsp; Surreal & nbsp& nbsp; Soku Global & nbsp& nbsp; Take a look at & nbsp& nbsp;

brand design & nbsp& nbsp;

Brand Design Encyclopedia & nbsp& nbsp; Zhengbang & nbsp& nbsp; Shangzhi Planning & nbsp& nbsp; Beijing Meiyan & nbsp& nbsp; Shanghai Meiyu & nbsp& nbsp; Shanghai Sansong & nbsp& nbsp;

UI Design & nbsp& nbsp;

UI design – Introduction & nbsp& nbsp; ICONFAN & nbsp; UI Design & nbsp& nbsp; UI works & nbsp& nbsp; UI diagram & nbsp& nbsp; Uirss

design knowledge & nbsp& nbsp;

be a banner & nbsp& nbsp; Photo processing & nbsp& nbsp; Improve innovation ability & nbsp& nbsp; Key points of business card design & nbsp& nbsp; Color matching basics & nbsp& nbsp; Color matching & nbsp& nbsp;

website Tutorial & nbsp& nbsp;

w3schoo & nbsp; HTML5 Research & nbsp& nbsp; HTML5 Chinese & nbsp& nbsp; Front end observation & nbsp& nbsp; Front end development network

PS Tutorial & nbsp& nbsp;

Tips & nbsp& nbsp; PS Download & nbsp& nbsp; 17 PS Tips & nbsp& nbsp; Psdtuts & nbsp; PS Alliance & nbsp& nbsp; PS enthusiasts & nbsp& nbsp;

User Experience & nbsp& nbsp;

UCD Community & nbsp& nbsp; Alibaba user body & nbsp& nbsp; Tencent isux & nbsp& nbsp; Tencent WSD & nbsp& nbsp; Prower & nbsp; Taobao ued & nbsp& nbsp;

website template & nbsp& nbsp;

template King & nbsp& nbsp; Template & nbsp& nbsp; Design & nbsp& nbsp; Yierku Station & nbsp& nbsp; Website Template Download & nbsp& nbsp; Jiamu China & nbsp& nbsp;

Hair Design & nbsp& nbsp;

Hair Salon & nbsp& nbsp; Aimei & nbsp& nbsp; Online hairstyle design & nbsp& nbsp; Hair Design – Introduction & nbsp& nbsp; Hair Design & nbsp& nbsp; Hairstyle picture & nbsp& nbsp;

industry information & nbsp& nbsp;

TechWeb & nbsp; Fast transit network & nbsp& nbsp; IResearch & nbsp& nbsp; Addiction Technology & nbsp& nbsp; Lei Feng & nbsp& nbsp; 36 krypton


What are the design websites Baidu knows [quoted on January 11, 2018]

visual China
Siyuan design
Blue ideal
design online
creative industry
Martian era
Web Design
illustration China

Industrial Design
I want to learn by myself
Hongdong China
Yezi tree
tutorial network
map modification network
PS alliance
Design Home

Asia Ci
Korean design
Chinese design
Netease college
Meitu XiuXiu
foreign design

design synthesis
MVP window of Chinese design creative online web designer alliance blue ideal flash bar

Graphic Design
must see Chinese graphic design in 3 visual digital resources network PS tutorial Forum

Interior design
Interior must see hejia.com China Architecture and interior China interior design.com Tuba rabbit interior people

Web Design
web material cool station on the blue ideal design road of web designer alliance appreciates web design companies
more & gt& gt;

packaging design
China Packaging Design Network China Packaging Design Network China printing and packaging network packaging and design packaging design – Introduction packaging design company

Architectural Design
Abbs architectural theory China Architecture and interior China design online – national architectural standards, 21st century architectural design library drawing network

Industrial Design
bill Wan China industrial design is designing China najin.com China Industrial Design Association Guangdong Industrial design.com

clothing design
China brand clothing.com clothing information clothing fashion fashion front line all kinds of clothing design China clothing design.com
more & gt& gt;

design bidding
ZHU Bajie task China time fortune.com yipinweike collection.com global design.com

advertising media
Ogilvy & Mather advertising company Baidu alliance Haoye advertising media network design frontier Google Advertising Alliance

exhibition hall design
exhibition hall design – effect drawing of encyclopedia Dayu spring and autumn Western Classic Exhibition Hall Top design pyramid – Case
more & gt& gt;

creative design
creative design – Encyclopedia China Art Design Association creative cool surreal soku global first look

website case
mingwan Chinese enterprise power website gas station muxing plans the website construction of wanhu online mall

brand design
brand Design – Encyclopedia Zhengbang Shangzhi plans Beijing Meiyan Shanghai Meiyu Shanghai Sansong

font download
excellent English font download font – Webmaster site font download the web icon font
more & gt& gt;

design knowledge
do banner photo processing to improve innovation ability business card design key points color matching basic color matching

website tutorial
w3schoo HTML5 research HTML5 Chinese front-end observation front-end development network front-end development

UI design UI design – Introduction iconfan UI design UI work UI diagram uirss
more & gt& gt;

PS tutorial
tips PS download 17 PS tips Psdtuts PS alliance PS enthusiasts

user experience
UCD community Alibaba user body Tencent isux Tencent WSD prower Taobao ued

website template
template King template design road yierku station website template download Jiamu China

Hairstyle design
hairstyle house aimei.com online hairstyle design hairstyle design – Introduction to hairstyle design hairstyle pictures

industry information
techweb express net iResearch Internet addiction technology Lei Feng net 36 krypton


Industrial Design cloud, cool station, petal, common image, design mania

design notes.

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