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What are the classifications of blister packaging?

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blister packaging can be distinguished according to the appearance characteristics of products, mainly including blister packaging box, blister packaging tray, blister packaging shell and blister packaging cover

because the shape is different in all aspects, the function is also different, but they all have a common value, that is, they can improve the grade and value of goods. Chengfeng blister packaging factory will introduce it respectively:

1 Blister packaging pallets
pallets are flat groove packaging products. Blister pallets generally belong to external packaging. The effect of pallet packaging is to load goods for protection and transportation, and this kind of packaging can also be used in layers, mainly used in electronic components, food, fruits and other items


2. Blister packaging
blister packaging is a packaging product with unique appearance. The appearance of the product is convex and three-dimensional, and the contour of the packaged goods is molded. Bubble shell packaging is mainly used in toys, stationery, electronics and other products. The main advantage of using bubble shell packaging is that it can reflect the uniqueness of goods

3. Blister packaging cover
blister packaging cover can also be called vacuum cover. This kind of packaging mostly uses transparent materials, and the articles are packed into the packaging. This kind of packaging can not only protect the goods, but also highlight the grade of the goods. Because the material is transparent, the goods inside can be rotated 360 degrees. This kind of packaging is mainly used for cosmetics, electronic products, toys, etc

4. Blister packaging box
the shape of blister packaging box is mainly plane groove with hollow center, mostly square and rectangular. Most blister packaging boxes are inner packaging, mainly for protection. Mainly used in digital products or digital accessories

the commonly used blister oil for blister packaging can be divided into oil-based and water-based, while the common blister shell includes PVC and pet.

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