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What are several structural forms of carton packaging

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cartons are one of the most common packaging forms in our daily life. They not only protect goods, but also add some added value to goods. We now have the following common carton structures:
first, socket type
this is the most commonly used carton form with simple shape, simple process and low cost. For example, this structure is mostly used in common wholesale packaging. One of the most carton forms made by customers of packaging companies
2. Open window
this kind of carton is often used in toys, food and other products. The characteristic of this structure is that it can make consumers know the product at a glance and increase the credibility of the commodity. Generally, the part opening the window is supplemented with transparent materials. Consumers can get a general understanding of the goods through this window. Colleagues can have a certain degree of attraction to products
III. portable
this form of carton is commonly used in gift box packaging, which is easy to carry. However, we should pay attention to whether the volume, weight, material and handle structure of the product are equivalent, so as to avoid damage to consumers in the process of use
IV. drawer type
this packaging form is similar to the shape of drawer. The box cover and box body are opened by two sheets of paper, and the structure is firm and convenient for multiple use. Common are the packaging of oral liquid, boxed chocolate, and so on
v. variable form
variable form cartons pursue the interest and variability of structure. They are often suitable for some products with lively personality, such as snacks, candy, toys, etc. This kind of structure is more complex and has many manufacturing processes, but it has various shapes, colorful changes and good display effect
VI. covered type
this covered structure is divided into integrated type and split type. The so-called integrated type refers to the connection between the cover and the box body, which is a paper shape, such as the packaging of cigarettes; The split type refers to that the cover is separated from the box body and two paper are formed, such as moon cake packaging
VII. Combined packaging

combined packaging is mostly used in gift box packaging. This packaging form includes both single packaging and medium packaging. It is characterized by being expensive and gorgeous, but the cost is high.

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