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Top ten domestic pigment carbon black brands? Hurry!!!!!!

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in China, Shanxi is the main producer of pigment carbon black, such as Xin’an pigment carbon black, GAOMENG carbon black, silver standard carbon black, DEXINLONG carbon black, etc. Shaanxi has yellow river coal chemical, Yunnan has Zhongyi carbon black, and black cat, and Henan has Xinxiang Delong carbon black. You can choose as a manufacturer for standby. I hope it can help you. Thank you for your adoption!

Zhongyi carbon black, China rubber carbon black, Yongfeng carbon black, Furui carbon black, Huibaichuan carbon black, coking carbon black, Xinkai carbon black, AgNO carbon black, silver standard carbon black and Qichang carbon black.

are there so many pigment carbon black manufacturers in China
I only know that there are several listed carbon black manufacturers. They do not only pigment carbon black, but also other products
for example, it is better to find a manufacturer specialized in processing pigment carbon black
I hope I can help you!

China rubber carbon black is good. We have been acting as an agent for China rubber carbon black. The sales volume is good, and the customer’s evaluation is quite high. There has been no problem.
Guoli carbon black is also good. They mainly make special pigment carbon black. The delivery speed is fast and the price is moderate


the carbon black products of Anhui Heiyu pigment New Material Co., Ltd. are good, and the quality of the company’s regular products is stable. The pigmented carbon black industry enjoys extensive international influence. Its products are sold in nearly 70 countries and regions, and its market share ranks first in the same industry in China and in the forefront of global pigmented carbon black manufacturers.

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