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The stewed chicken sold online is very cheap. Is it safe?

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online sales almost breaks all kinds of limitations. It can be sold across regions all day and intermittently. As long as there is an Internet, there will be your consumer group. Once the market is opened on the Internet, it will really be orders, such as Taotao River, which can’t be controlled. If you really want to sell online, such as Taobao and, you must find a site and apply for relevant certificates according to the national requirements, and your site must pass the acceptance and the equipment must pass the acceptance before you can start production and online and offline external sales packaging. Generally, vacuum sterilization can reduce damage, and the shelf life will be very long. There will be no problem in seven days, In addition, it is transported through cold chain technology, and now many are ice cubes

in order to solve the problem of shelf life of halogen products, there is only one solution, that is, vacuum packaging, that is, sterilize the prepared halogen products first, and then vacuum package the sterilized halogen products to rewrite the shelf life and repack them. Although the bottom line of mankind is managed by departments, the bottom line refers to the bottom line of one’s own heart. If the meat is bad, we can lose some profits and make it again. Eat people badly, but it is the cancer in the heart that afflicts the heart, but it can’t be saved

I also make cooked food. To be honest, you don’t have to consider saving this piece. In fact, it’s very simple. You can solve the problem by going to the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. There are many talents in this field. Your key consideration should be how to ensure the taste and taste. Taoqiu meichu, a Beijing Taoqiu fresh intelligent Internet of things vending machine, has a strong fresh-keeping and bacteriostatic function. It can sell a variety of non-staple foods such as vegetables, fruits, marinated meat and cold fresh meat. It is placed in residential areas and universities, which is closest to the consumer end


because inert gas can block the reaction between food and oxygen, so as to achieve the effect of preservation. With this technology, ordinary cooked food can be kept absolutely fresh for seven days, stable and safe for 15 days. This is without adding any anti-corrosion measures and food. You can discuss with him, but no matter what method, it is inseparable from the vacuum packaging machine

I don’t think it’s very safe, because cheap goods don’t have good goods. This sentence is reasonable.

it’s safe to eat one occasionally, but you can’t eat these eggs often because there are many additives in them.

of course, it is very safe, because the cost value of such stewed chicken is particularly cheap, which is much cheaper than that sold in many stores.

don’t buy cooked food online. There is no food guarantee for those bought online. Physical stores are better

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