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The car makes a noise when opening the door. Why

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due to quality problems, it depends on where the sound comes from, whether it is the sound of elevator or guide groove in the door panel, and the sound of door strap and hinge. There can be no abnormal sound when opening the door normally

it may be something stuck in the door bearing. If it wasn’t the sound before, it’s recommended to check it. If you can’t find it, go to the 4S store. In fact, it shouldn’t be a big problem as long as the door can be opened and closed

open your car, if it’s a little quiet. There’s something trivial about the door. If I don’t sound like the door sounds very crisp, you can take the car to the 4S store to have a look.

the abnormal noise of the door is mainly caused by lack of lubrication. 4S uses tiger head hotolube’s door hinge and slideway grease for the lubrication of the door hinge (hinge). Peach leopard has a 130 gram toothpaste like package, which is easy to use
oil or ordinary butter should not be used. It will freeze in winter and harmful smell will affect your health.


1. Whether there are individual small objects in the door interior trim panel, such as lighters, coins and other objects
2. If the interior trim panel or audio system is loose, the fault can be found only by shaking the car owner’s hand, or press the abnormal noise when driving. If the abnormal noise disappears, there is a fault here. Just tighten it again
3. In case of poor contact, clearance or poor lubrication of the door lock block, you can apply butter at the lock block or wrap two circles of waterproof tape around the lock pin
4. The door hinge (hinge) has poor lubrication. This phenomenon can be heard when opening and closing the door. The owner only needs to clean the hinge and apply some butter. If it still rings, there should be too many dust particles on the side of the hinge near the door. It is recommended to clean it carefully.

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