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Questions about the packaging of cooked food shops and food produced and sold by themselves!

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your question is very professional. Although not everyone knows it clearly, I still checked it for you
1: if the area is 10 square meters, the minimum cost is about 1500 per month (the location is bad)
2: it depends on the requirements of the renter
3: it also depends on the requirements of the renter. It is better to install the floor tiles, because you want to open a food store and make it clean and reassuring
4,5: I think it’s better to lean against the wall and glass three times. Although it may be more expensive than another scheme, it gives people a bright feeling of coordination.
the price of the glass room needs to be discussed with the design company. Companies: Shanghai Oushang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai niercan door and window manufacturing Co., Ltd.
for more questions, please consult + 86-021-59882227
6: it must be handled actively, Go to Shanghai food and Drug Administration for the health certificate. You can go to the special department of Dongfang Hospital. The hospital is opposite to Shanghai Stock Exchange. You can take Metro Line 2. It won’t exceed 150 yuan under Dongfang Road. The test is quite complete
7: there is no tax certificate, but you have to pay tax
8:1. Apply for the business license of individual industrial and commercial households
go to the local industrial and commercial office with your ID card, business site use right and ownership certificate, one inch photo and application for the establishment of individual industrial and commercial households. You will pay a registration fee of 50 yuan and a license cost of 20 yuan
2. Handle the tax registration certificate
go to the state and local tax bureaus respectively with the business license of individual industrial and commercial households, the right to use the business site and the ownership certificate of the industrial and Commercial Office law. 20 yuan each
3. Tax will be paid later:
declare and pay 4% value-added tax to the national tax department, 7% urban construction tax, 3% education surcharge and about 2% personal income tax to the local tax bureau. If the monthly sales income is less than 5000 yuan, it shall be exempted from value-added tax, urban construction tax and education surcharge
the tax department generally implements the regular quota method for individual industrial and commercial households, that is, it will approve the amount of tax payable for one month according to the region, location, area and equipment
9: the operation is very complex and easy to make mistakes. It is recommended to buy a vacuum packaging machine. Keep everything you can (and write down the precautions!)
hope to adopt
(after checking for a long time, I said…)

make your own investigation and have plenty of food and clothing

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