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Questions about participating in the exhibition (good answers, plus points)

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expense budget:
exhibition expenses include booth fees Booth decoration fee Exhibits transportation and air tickets train. Long distance fare City transportation fee Room and board Necessary equipment rental fee Advertising expenses Material printing fee Gift making fee Conference room rental fee, etc. When making the exhibition budget, 10% of the total cost should be added as the expenditure of unforeseen expenses

low exhibition fee does not mean low cost

many enterprises make exhibition fee the primary indicator when choosing exhibitions, and always pursue exhibitions with low exhibition fee, which is understandable in operation. But after all, for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, the limited funds make them have to be diligent and thrifty. However, if you make such a decision just because you think that low exhibition fee is equal to low cost, you will enter the misunderstanding of exhibition. Huang Jiyi, general manager of lizard enterprise management consulting company, believes that although on the surface, the money paid by enterprises to participate in the exhibition is to buy the booth, the exhibition should provide more than that. If the organizers can not provide the necessary publicity, construction, information and other service support, the exhibition will lose its significance

according to the research data of the United States in 2000, the percentage of visitors attracted by various means during the exhibition is 46% for advertising, 104% for sponsoring the exhibition, 77% for press conferences and 86% for entertainment activities. These activities are inseparable from the organization and participation of exhibitors, and too low exhibition expenses often mean that organizers have to pull apart the East and make up the West, Solicit business and make profits at the expense of the above software and hardware service quality. For such an exhibition, no matter how low the exhibition fee, you should not participate, because it is just a waste. Therefore, low exhibition fee is not equal to low cost. Only when we find the “right” can we not choose “expensive”


in order to find the “right” exhibition from the ocean of exhibitions, enterprises should not only rely on various activities and services provided by exhibitors, but also practice their internal skills and make sufficient preparations in advance. That is, exhibitors not only need to establish specific goals, but also need to know what means to achieve it

American penton media Stephen sind, President of Inc, believes that for enterprises, the purpose of participating in the exhibition is actually to promote their products and obtain orders, but there must be a lot of foreshadowing before reaching the ultimate goal of marketing. Through the investigation, the research institutions ranked the importance of the marketing purpose of the exhibition. They were 42.4% to judge new customers, 38.6% to enhance the image of products, 37.4% to find new customers, 32.2% to directly explore qualified customers, 29.1% to find new customers from existing potential customers and only 16.9% to get orders

when participating in the exhibition, many enterprises often sign up in a hurry as soon as the boss mentions his intention. It should be noted that opportunities always favor the prepared mind. Participating in the exhibition is not just as simple as standing on the platform, handing business cards and handing out leaflets. Wang Huijun, deputy director of the Exhibition Department of Guangzhou Council for the promotion of international trade, believes that it often takes 6 ~ 8 months to prepare for an exhibition. Huang Jiyi also stressed that exhibitors should strive to create highlights and win attention at the exhibition through careful and meticulous planning, and the end of the exhibition does not mean the end of the marketing activities of exhibitors. They should keep in touch and communicate with the customers collected at the exhibition, and send people to visit when necessary to show the strength and sincerity of the company

I wonder if it’s useful. Thank you

1. Participating in exhibitions is also an investment. Finally, it depends on the return; Of course, it will not directly bring profits, but new customers

2. You choose the exhibition, not the exhibition company

3. Participate in the exhibition and do what you can

a good exhibition, I put forward three criteria:

, it must be the stage of “gathering the essence of industry, integrating enterprise resources, and hitting elite wisdom” in the industry. Br>
should concentrate on the essence of the industry, and most enterprises with industry influence will appear at the exhibition. To integrate enterprise resources, the exhibition should set up the industrial chain of the whole industry; To collide with the wisdom of elites, the giants of this industry must be willing to be present. For example, in a world class a auto show, international auto giants will meet together. Such as Wagner of GM, Hu MaoYuan of SAIC, the American CEO of Nissan, and presidents of Toyota, Honda, Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, etc. The exhibition attended by the giants in the industry is definitely a first-class exhibition.

participating in the exhibition has nothing to do with your company’s annual income. You should consider whether the total investment in the exhibition is reasonable compared with the income that the exhibition can bring to the company
the total investment includes: booth decoration fee Exhibits transportation and air tickets train. Long distance fare City transportation fee Room and board Necessary rental of equipment Advertising expenses Material printing fee Gift making fee Conference room rental fee and 10% unforeseen expenses, etc. The exhibition revenue is the sales and advertising benefits of your company after the exhibition
the appropriate proportion depends on the company. Some companies do not focus on the sales quota of products due to the exhibition, because these companies only consider how many people will come to see an advertisement, which influential peers will participate in the exhibition and the publicity intensity of the exhibition, Then this kind of company pays attention to the popularity brought by the exhibition! While some companies will be more practical and carry out discount sales directly at the exhibition site, it is difficult to say whether the participation of such companies is worth it, because they often budget the total investment of the exhibition and the short-term income after the exhibition. As long as this proportion can bring a slight profit, it is worth it, Because the far-reaching impact of the exhibition is difficult to predict. It can’t be seen in the short term. It’s the same as doing media advertising. It’s just that it’s a rare opportunity for the exhibition to have real contact with a large number of customers face to face. Therefore, don’t pay too much attention to the actual income brought by the exhibition, but depends on the influence and scope of the advertising effect of the exhibition!

I work for the exhibition organization. Companies like you who have never participated in the exhibition must be cautious
when choosing exhibitions to attend, you should choose those exhibitions that have been held for many years and have a cup of tea
as for the construction work of the exhibition, the general exhibition companies will have the exhibition construction companies recommended by them. The cups of these construction companies are good. You can find them Find someone else and you’ll be cheated
so after you decide which exhibition to attend, call the organizer and they will provide very considerate service
from construction to logistics, accommodation and other work, they have recommended units to serve you as long as you need

there is no proportion between the exhibition expenses and the company’s income It depends on your budget If you haven’t parti
cipated in the exhibition, I suggest you book a 9-plane standard exhibition first Look at the exhibition. If it’s good, you can get a beautiful special dress next year

the exhibition fee is not planned according to your sales, but according to the grade of the exhibition. To participate in an exhibition, you must first understand the influence of the exhibition, whether it is an authoritative and professional exhibition in your industry, whether the guests are professional customers, and how much revenue it can bring to you, so as to determine your investment. This is the first consideration. Second, we should consider the booth of the exhibition. A good booth can be seen by every customer entering the exhibition. Third, the design of the booth must be unique and have its own characteristics. This guest’s favorite thing proves that your products have characteristics. Fourth, it is the cost. If you can’t do any of them well, your investment may be in vain. If done well, the output of this input is very ideal.

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