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Problems of tea vacuum packaging machine

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Hello & nbsp; Vacuum degree of vacuum machine & nbsp; Mainly related to volume and vacuum machine

the thickness of the bag has no effect & nbsp& nbsp; Thickness can reflect the problem & nbsp; Only the length of sealing machine time & nbsp; It has nothing to do with the vacuum machine& nbsp;

if you say & nbsp; Captain, the tea vacuum machine is high & nbsp; The package is strong & nbsp& nbsp; The vacuum time of the vacuum machine of the possible equipment is the same as the circuit board on the sealing machine & nbsp; And connected


generally, our equipment is distinguished & nbsp& nbsp; Vacuum time & nbsp& nbsp; Sealing machine time

as for cooling time & nbsp; This is related to the airbag deflation time & nbsp; It can be adjusted inside the machine & nbsp; Non professionals had better not be transferred

if your vacuum machine is turned to the limit & nbsp; I can’t smoke well & nbsp; Then there is a problem with the pump & nbsp; Or the strength of the machine body is like this

there are three solutions. You can try them yourself

1. The vacuum machine may be out of vacuum oil & nbsp; Check whether there is vacuum oil when buying the machine& nbsp;& nbsp; In addition, see if the vacuum oil is dirty & nbsp; If it’s dark & nbsp; No liquidity & nbsp; It is recommended to replace all the vacuum oil & nbsp; Note: new vacuum engine oil

2 The vacuum machine only operates large packages & nbsp; No other vacuum machine for small bags of tea & nbsp; It will work better

3. Vacuum machine adjustment Vacuum Equipment & nbsp; Vacuum pumping time

I have Zhang Ye & nbsp; If you don’t understand, you can ask me with Baidu Hi & nbsp; I’m familiar with this aspect

When did you buy your vacuum machine? How often do you change the oil
Where is the location of your engine oil (one fourth of it)

it’s mainly the bag. If it’s thinner, your sealing time should be shorter. If the bag is thicker, the sealing time should be longer. It has nothing to do with the length of vacuum time. Suggestions: vacuum time 3.2, sealing time 2.6 and cooling time 2.8

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