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Post order inspection of color box packaging design

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the designer needs to carefully check the designed products after handing over the designed drawings to the proofer. If conditions permit, designers should directly participate in proofing, so as to improve the designed products in time, especially in detail improvement. Proofing should be fast and accurate, with the cooperation of carton cutting prototype. After the proofing draft is printed, it needs to be modified and finalized. For transportation packaging, relevant dynamic tests need to be done to check whether its strength meets the requirements. For sales packaging, the external decoration of products should also be carefully observed. First, from a few meters away, we should see whether the characteristics of the packaging are obvious and whether the color matching is reasonable. Then take a closer look to see whether the packaging brand name is obvious, whether the color is concise and lively, and whether the key information is clearly transmitted. Then observe from the details to see if there are flaws and problems
each aspect of the design of color box packaging has its main content and is interrelated. Good designers should not only have plane design creativity, but also be familiar with the whole process of commodity packaging. They should have a full grasp of the attributes of commodities, the structure of containers and other links related to the success of commodity sales. The designed products must be accepted and recognized by customers and the market. This requires designers not only to master the theoretical knowledge of cushioning packaging design, but also to understand the whole production process of the enterprise, especially the subsequent production of cartons, but also to have the necessary aesthetic and cultural cultivation. Only when all aspects are considered thoroughly and scientific design methods are used to guide practice, can we obtain high-quality products

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