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Official holidays in Australia

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What holidays are there in Australia? It’s the kind of holiday all over the country. The more complete, the better. Thank you

there are many statutory holidays in Australia
January 1 is the new year
January 27: National Day. It commemorates the founding anniversary of white people entering Australia. (Captain Philip declared Australia a British territory in 1788). However, in some states, Mondays and Fridays close to the weekend are also taken as National Day holidays
from March 28 to March 31: Easter, starting from Good Friday on April 28, lasts for four days
April 17 is good Friday
April 25: the Australian and New Zealand Corps day is set up to commemorate the decisive landing of the Australian and New Zealand coalition army loaned by Britain in World War I on the kalipori Peninsula, Turkey
June 9: Queen’s birthday, Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. The holiday is set on the second Monday in June for continuous rest. Only Western Australia is September 29
on the first Tuesday of November, the world-famous Australian horse racing Melbourne Cup Grand Prix is held
Christmas on December 25
December 26: box opening Festival, the day to open the gift box for Christmas, becomes “proclamation Festival” in South Australia
among other national festivals in Australia, two festivals have received special attention. One is “enshack day” on April 25 – Australian military day; The other is the first Tuesday in November, the holding day of the world-famous Australian horse race – Melbourne Cup Grand Prix. Melbourne, the birthplace of national horse racing, lists this day as a public holiday. At that time, other parts of the country will stop working and hold horse watching competitions
reference: Baidu knows

Australian festivals
there is a custom for Australian festivals, that is, if the festival is in time for Saturday or Sunday, it will be postponed to next Monday

January 1 – New Year
January 26 – Australia Day
March 28 – March 31 – Good Friday and Easter Monday
April 25 – ANZAC anniversary day
second Monday in June – Queen’s birthday
first Monday in August – Bank of new Wales holiday
first Monday in October – Labor Day
December 25 – Christmas


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What do you eat for the festival? Who knows

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