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KFC food packaging box

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About the packaging of various foods in KFC, for example, No. 4 paper bag is used to pack French fries. Excuse me, I’m very grateful to that brother and sister Ren for telling me the answer. Urgent need!

a pair of roasted wings, a pair of spicy wings, an egg tart and a piece of plain chicken are packed in small paper bags
two or three pairs of chicken wings /egg tart /plain chicken are packed in a small boat box
take one or two small potatoes, one medium or large potato, carrot meal bag and fried dough sticks out of No. 4 paper bag
pack two or three pairs of chicken wings /egg tarts /plain chicken in an external box
there is a special packing box for chicken rice flower, the same for Colonel /COD stick
if you think of these for the time being, you may remember them wrong. You need to leave a message.

small paper bag: containing a unit product, including a pair of spicy wings, a pair of roasted wings, a finger sucking original chicken and an egg tart
No. 4 paper bag: it can only contain take out potato chips, including small potato, medium potato and large potato, and can only contain one product
fish strips: only one deep-sea cod strip (three pieces) can be contained
Colonel’s box: it is divided into six pieces (standard) and four pieces (special for children’s package)
egg tart box: Six egg tarts in a box
small takeout bag large takeout bag: it contains the products that customers need to take away
I hope the above standards can help you.

fried dough stick bag: one fried dough stick
small paper bag: a pair of spicy chicken wings, a pair of roasted wings, a finger sucking chicken, an egg tart and other small food
No. 4 paper bag: take out French fries, Put French fries into the corresponding large, medium and small French fries bags and put them in bag 4
fish strips: one deep-sea cod strips (three pieces)
Colonel box: six standard and four pieces for children’s meals
egg tart box: one box of egg tart contains six
children’s meal paper bag: Children’s meal, in class or out
paper bag 8: used during breakfast, Because there is no plastic bag for breakfast
beverage substitute: take out drinks and sundaes. Cold and hot drinks cannot be put in one beverage bag at the same time


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