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Just entered the packaging and printing industry, want to learn quotation, where to start!!

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although the price is not the whole of the negotiation, there is no doubt that the discussion on the price is still the main part of the negotiation. In any business negotiation, the price negotiation will usually occupy more than 70% of the time. Many negotiations that have no outcome will eventually break up because of the differences in the price between the two sides
in short, as a seller, I hope to conclude a deal at a higher price, while as a buyer, I hope to cooperate at a lower price. This is a universal law, which exists in negotiations in any field. Although it sounds easy, it is not easy to achieve mutual satisfaction in the actual negotiation and finally achieve a win-win situation, which requires your negotiation skills and courage, especially when making the first quotation
a good beginning is half success. It really takes some time to think comprehensively when you first quote to customers. A high offer may lead to an unsuccessful transaction, and the other party will not stop the price counter-offer because they do not know your price bottom line and can’t guess your negotiation strategy, so they will still think that you are asking for too much price, and will compete with you in price until it is close to or lower than your price bottom line. Of course, this is a completely failed negotiation. It’s a pity, Such negotiations continue
so how to master the first price? A golden rule is: the price must be higher than the actual price you want
during the negotiation process, both parties will try to expand their negotiation space. The higher the quotation, the greater your negotiation space and more returns. Negotiation is an art of compromise. Successful negotiation is to get what you need in the process of concession. A higher offer will give you more leeway in price concessions
quotation is not invariable. Different quotations can be adopted according to different customers or channels. It’s not impossible to conclude a deal with a higher quotation. You don’t know the acceptability of every customer. When I learned that an international sales terminal charged 20% of the sales to each supplier as the trading condition, I did not hesitate to increase my original quotation by 25%. The other party also investigated my price system before the negotiation. Of course, I raised an objection to the quotation. After difficult negotiation, I made a concession of 5%, and provided a set of large-scale promotion scheme to support my quotation. Finally, the transaction was concluded. The rate charged by the other party is the same as that I raised. I have not suffered any loss. As for the large-scale promotion scheme, if I don’t raise the quotation, I will do the same
in life, everyone is a consumer, and the price of goods will affect your purchase intention in every shopping. Take refrigerators as an example. Among domestic refrigerators, “Haier” brand has the highest selling price and rarely carries out special sales, but its sales volume has always been among the best and consumers have the best reputation. Why does high price lead to such good sales? The truth is also very simple. High prices will certainly increase the added value of products or services. When choosing goods, everyone hopes that their quality is good. If they are durable goods, they are required to have good after-sales service. Famous brand products will meet the needs of consumers, but their price will be higher than that of non famous brand goods. If the price difference between the two is not very large, I think most consumers will choose famous brand products, because in people’s subconscious mind, high price must be equal to high value
is low price necessarily low value? Definitely not. The quality of products and after-sales services can be determined by many factors, such as the low cost of production and after-sales services. When you buy goods, will you spend a lot of time and energy to analyze the production cost and labor cost of the enterprise? I’m afraid most people won’t. I’m afraid the first indicator to judge the value of a product is the price. High prices will give people a better first feeling of products. People will believe that high prices will have reasons for high prices. It is the so-called “goods for every penny” advocated by Chinese people
no matter what the conditions are, the most important thing is to make the other party feel that they have won the negotiation
many negotiators are used to giving customers the most favorable price at the first quotation and hope to conclude the transaction as soon as possible. As the price is close to the bottom line, they can’t make concessions on the price. In addition, some enterprise managers are eager for quick success and instant benefits. The order quantity is the only indicator of performance evaluation, which leads to the sales representative reducing the price to the lowest in the early stage of negotiation, focusing only on the quantity and ignoring the quality, and forgetting that the ultimate goal of the enterprise is profit rather than the figures on the report. This is like a table tennis game with only one round. No matter who wins or loses, the opponent will feel very boring. In fact, the process of negotiation is as important as the result. Only by negotiating the price through their own efforts will the other party believe that this is the lowest price you can afford. Otherwise, even if you have a good tongue, the other party will not believe it. No matter how small a business is, it also needs to be done for a long time. Only on the premise of the other party’s psychological balance, will you have the opportunity to trade next time. If you don’t give up an inch of land, you may be able to trade this time, but it will be very difficult next time. There is no absolute trust on the negotiation table, even if you have excellent customers. Remember, when the other party can’t guess your hand and you can’t give in, you are likely to miss the next trading opportunity
in addition, please be careful not to let the quotation scare away customers. Maybe the quotation will exceed the psychological tolerance of the customer. If you are tough, the other party will terminate the negotiation at any time. I suggest implying some flexibility in the quotation, but we must emphasize the return, such as “if you can pick up the goods in cash, I can give a 5% discount on the price.” “If you provide special display surfaces and free promotion venues, I will consider the price.”
negotiation consists of four main factors: your offer and the counter-offer of the other party, and your cards and the cards of the other party. The quotation and counter-offer will gradually become clear with the deepening of the negotiation, and both parties will speculate, speculate and test the other party’s cards in the whole negotiation process, which is a comprehensive contest of psychology, wisdom and skills. So no matter what happens, don’t easily show your reserve price
by applying the principle that the offer price must be higher than the actual price, it can reduce the negotiation space of the other party at the beginning of the negotiation. Of course, the quotation must be kept within a reasonable range. If you want to sell an ordinary computer at the price of 100000 yuan, I think you have to wait for a miracle.


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