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Is vacuum packed food harmful to human body?

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Is vacuum packed food harmful to human body? really

first of all, we keep repeating the view that “no food is absolutely safe and there is no hidden danger for any food”
secondly, at present, no authoritative organization has conducted experiments to prove its harmfulness to human body
at present, the impact of aluminum on human body actually refers to free aluminum ions. For example, alum used to form rice noodles with rice Fenning also becomes aluminum hydroxide. If such aluminum ions are ingested in excess (note that the premise is excessive, which is not easy for ordinary people to reach), there will be some problems
finally, don’t worry about eating. Believe in science and practice. Don’t scare yourself

vacuum packaged food is actually easier to provide a favorable breeding environment for a pathogen causing food poisoning. Biomedical researchers at the Danish Technical University found that Listeria, a bacterium that can cause food poisoning, likes to live in an anaerobic environment. Vacuum packaged food is isolated from oxygen. In this anaerobic environment, Listeria will be more than 100 times higher than normal, resulting in food poisoning. Unlike many other food borne bacteria, Listeria can reproduce even in refrigerator temperatures.

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