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Is there any carton packaging in Changzhi, Shanxi? It’s kraft paper outside the box and white inside the box! Know the trouble squeak!

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data map: the map of oil and gas blocks in the South China Sea currently developed by Vietnam. Most of the mining areas are located in the Vietnam sea area of Touton area in the south, and a small number of exploration areas have entered the scope of China’s “Nine Segment line”. Spratly Islands is located in the deep sea area of the South China Sea, without any state mining, and no country has any exploration data. Br>
in the process of the return of the United States to Asia this year and the reorganization of the forces of relevant countries in Asia, a very intriguing phenomenon has been formed around China: Whoever makes China upset will be concerned. For example, Vietnam, which is now in a hot fight with India, and the Philippines, the traditional ally of the United States, can be described as complacent in diplomacy; On the other hand, those who reassure China will find ways to annoy these countries, such as Pakistan, which is pricked by the United States, and Nepal, which has a clear position on the Tibet issue and has a very unclear domestic political situation

the latest manifestation of this situation is that at the 19th APEC informal leaders’ meeting in Hawaii, the key absorption objects of the Pan Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) vigorously promoted by the United States coincided with China’s diplomatic priorities in this period to a great extent. Therefore, Vietnam and other countries swam between China and the United States, which can be regarded as both right and left


one explanation for this “aggregation phenomenon” in the allocation of diplomatic resources between China and the United States is that although countries are equal in size, some countries are obviously more “equal” than others. Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries do have larger markets or more important strategic positions than Laos, Cambodia and other countries. In fact, India, which is both a regional overlord and a pawn tried to use by the world overlord, is the same

there is no doubt that China needs to pay more attention to these countries than other countries in the region, politically, economically and security. Strengthening cooperation with them will help expand China’s interests, and making enemies with them will cost China more – at least on the surface

however, the problem is that these seemingly more important countries to China are not equal to more friendly countries to China. Part of the reason is that these countries often regard themselves as big countries in the region and have their own regional interest demands and regional strategies, while the other part is due to China’s foreign behavior – China’s crisis handling diplomatic thinking aimed at stabilizing the surrounding environment makes peripheral countries win over or be won over by the United States, or even show a posture of being won over by the United States. While receiving a positive response from the United States, It has attracted China’s attention and benefited from it

“stability” has become a rare commodity for some neighboring countries in dealing with relations with China. As a result, China’s “more stability, the more instability” has emerged around China in recent years

another negative result of this trend is that countries that originally had a clear and friendly position on relations with China found that their position did not receive a positive return from China. China’s limited diplomatic resources are given priority to crisis management, which inevitably leads to a relative lack of power investment in regions where there is no crisis. This has strengthened the demonstration effect for those countries that have not become China’s priority diplomatic objectives for the time being. Perhaps as China’s Challenger or provocation, it is more profitable in diplomacy? If this mode of thinking is popularized in China’s surrounding areas, the impact on China’s diplomatic environment is self-evident

just to prevent the demonstration effect, China must also change its crisis management mentality of foreign behavior. This is not to advocate that China no longer aims to prevent neighboring countries from falling to the United States, but that China should no longer use goodwill as a means to prevent neighboring countries from being attracted by the United States, but to establish a new Chinese “coordinate system” around China with its own interests as the yardstick

this coordinate system will still have to take American diplomacy as the frame of reference, but in order to get rid of the old situation of “the more we seek stability, the more unstable we become”, we must update it to firmly take China’s interests as the core yardstick, so as to set the tone of distance and intimacy with neighboring countries. The key use of this coordinate system should include new “incentives” – that is, giving priority to diplomatic and economic resources to countries that are friendly to China, especially China’s old friends. Those who are warm-hearted to old friends will attract more new friends. The result of dividing friends into three, six, nine grades according to their importance will only make their friends fewer and fewer. As for the behavior of constantly showing kindness to their opponents out of the goal of turning enemies into friends, it may make sense logically and morally noble, but it is often unreliable in practice

in this coordinate system, we must also introduce new means of “punishment”, because if the efforts to turn enemies into friends are not supplemented by necessary deterrence and punishment, they can only be reduced to “safe money” paid to blackmailers, and of course, using money to buy peace is more and more expensive. This data is from Baidu map, and the final result is subject to the latest data of Baidu map

there are basically no factories specialized in Changzhi, which are purchased in other places. I have a friend who acts as an agent in Changzhi for the business of packaging products. He mainly cooperates with some large foreign factories with stable quality and low price. He mainly makes these packaging products such as Kraft cartons, white boxes, inner boxes, pearl cotton, bubble film, desiccant, moisture-proof beads, stretch film, packaging tape, tape and so on.

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