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Is the saying “the more exquisite the package, the better” right? Why?

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it depends not only on what it is, but also on personal taste. This is more a test of people’s wallet, ha ha
personally, I don’t think the more exquisite the packaging is, the better. Take a look at the sky high price moon cakes. I think you know
of course, in the case of quality and price, the more exquisite the packaging, the better, but this seems unrealistic

please forgive me for my bad opinion

it depends on the target. If it is a gift or high-end commodity, exquisite is better. Not necessarily for the packaging itself, because the three functions of packaging are to protect products, facilitate transportation and promote sales. The first two do not need to be exquisite, and the structure and materials are more important. Now the state is promoting green packaging and opposing excessive packaging, that is, to minimize packaging and reduce the proportion of packaging cost in commodities on the premise of ensuring the packaging function. So in most cases, this sentence is wrong.

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