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I want to know what can replace the packaging foam now.

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Such as the title High strength honeycomb paperboard I already know Want to know if there’s anything else It’s better to have a low cost!

(I) pulp molded products are pollution-free scientific and technological green environmental protection products made of completely recyclable plant fiber pulp or waste paper products as basic materials and adopting unique technology, which are widely used in the fields of food (Medicine) products, electrical packaging, planting and seedling raising, medical utensils, handicraft bottom blank and fragile product liner packaging

(II) with the development of industry, a large number of fluorine-containing substances have risen into the atmosphere, causing extensive damage to the ozone layer on which mankind depends. Thousands of kilometers of ozone layer holes have been formed in the Antarctic and Arctic, causing great harm to the earth’s ecological environment. Therefore, the United Nations Environmental Protection Agency has held a world-wide Environmental Protection Conference, In 1998, the “Vienna Convention for the protection of the ozone layer” and the “Montreal Protocol” on substances that Deplete the ozone layer were adopted, which clearly stipulated that countries in the world should gradually reduce the use of fluorine-containing substances that destroy the ozone layer until they are banned from entering the atmosphere.

(III) in recent years, many disadvantages of plastic products, one of the three packaging materials, especially expanded polystyrene (EPS) products, have become increasingly serious and have become a common evil “White pollution”. These polyphenylene foam packaging waste disposal seriously pollute the environment. Combustion destroys the ozone layer of the earth, and the destruction of geological structure caused by landfill can not be corroded. The waste products of these foam plastic products have caused great damage to the earth’s environment. , improving people’s living environment has become an international and domestic explicit requirement


(IV) tableware products and industrial packaging products produced by pulp molding technology are truly environmental protection products. They take natural plant fiber or waste paper as raw materials, and there is no pollution in the production process and use process. Pulp molded products not only play a positive role in replacing disposable plastic tableware, but also are widely used in industrial products, especially electronic products packaging. Pulp molded products are gradually entering the mainstream of commercial activities. It is the best substitute for foam plastics products, and the pulp molded products industry is booming. Br>
(V) the reason why pulp molded products are developing rapidly and have good prospects is that they have unique performance advantages:
(1) the process technology is simple and practical, and there is basically no pollution in the production process, which meets the requirements of cleaner production. In addition, in each process of the production line, except that the automatic control system management has high requirements for personnel quality, the rest are skilled skills, which can be mastered and applied after short-term training. In addition, the high degree of localization of its equipment is very conducive to the popularization and promotion of the project, which is also a convenient condition for giving full play to the environmental protection advantages of pulp molded products
(2) wide sources of raw materials and low cost. It mainly uses waste paper or annual herb fiber pulp. The raw materials can be obtained according to local conditions
(3) it has good shock resistance and cushioning, and uses the suspension method to produce excellent adsorption, which can effectively protect the product from damage during handling
(4) light weight, low recovery cost and reusable
(5) good protection, interchangeability and decoration performance
(6) from production and use to waste treatment, there is no pollution to the environment, less water consumption in the production process, no wastewater discharge and reduce environmental pollution
(7) good air permeability, which is unique to the packaging of fresh products
(8) pulp molded products have good water absorption, hydrophobicity and heat insulation. When pulping, various additives can be added according to the requirements of customers to make the product acid resistant, alkali resistant, sun resistant, waterproof, oil resistant, non leakage and non deformation
(9) modern production technology can realize high-speed, automatic and mass production
(10) compared with traditional packaging materials, such as polystyrene (EPS) and EPE foam, the volume is smaller, which can be stacked and stored, saving stacking space and transportation costs
(11) according to the different requirements of users, the surface quality, color, graphics and other appearance elements of products can be post processed to meet the needs of commodity display

(VI) pulp molded products have strong vitality and broad application prospects because they have the characteristics of sufficient source of raw materials, pollution-free production and use process, wide application range, low cost, light weight, high strength, good plasticity, cushioning, interchangeability and decoration performance, and can be reused and recycled for reproduction. Their economic value and replacement status have been recognized by the international community

(VII) according to the scope of application, pulp molding mainly includes disposable environmental protection tableware and environmental protection packaging products, which have been widely used.

polyethylene foam film (EPE) and air cushion film

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