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How to write the introduction of the power plant company (for publicity)?

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[you can write according to this]

Chaozhou power plant is a large-scale thermal power plant built after the project approval was implemented for the first time in the country. It meets or even exceeds the environmental protection, water and soil conservation and other index conditions stipulated by the state. In the construction of phase I project, high-efficiency desulfurization and dust removal devices are installed simultaneously, seawater DC cooling water supply mode is adopted, and low nitrogen combustion technology is adopted, Install on-line continuous smoke detection system. Guangdong Datang International Chaozhou Power Generation Co., Ltd. is located in Zhelin Town, Raoping County, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province. It is 60 miles away from Chaozhou City in the northwest and more than 70 kilometers away from Shantou City in the southwest. Chaozhou power plant is a holding subsidiary of Datang International, which was incorporated on November 15, 2003. The company is composed of five shareholder units. The share ratios are: Datang International 52.5%, Datang Group 22.5%, CLP Huaze 12%, Wenshan Guoneng 8% and Chaozhou Xinghua energy 5%. The installed capacity of the power plant is planned to be 5200mw, and that of phase I project is 2 × 600MW units were put into operation in May and July 2006 respectively; The unit capacity of #3 and #4 units in phase II project is 1000MW, which is the first two million units of Datang Group and Datang International, and has been officially approved for power generation in 2010; The feasibility study of two 1000MW units in phase III has been completed in the early stage of the project, and now the environmental assessment is carried out. Two 1000MW units in phase IV are under preliminary preparation

the project construction fully implements the five power construction management systems of “project legal person system, bidding system, capital fund system, contract system and supervision system”, and strengthens the management of safety, quality, progress and cost in strict accordance with the power construction goal of “controlling cost, reasonable construction period and putting into operation according to standards”, Gratifying achievements have been made in the project construction: #1 unit construction took only 23 months and 23 days# The hoisting of 2 boiler from the heating surface to the hydrostatic test has set a domestic leading record of 110 days, #2 the continuous operation of the unit after 168 hours of trial operation has reached the domestic highest record of 190 days; The 75000 ton coal wharf was built in only seven and a half months, and the 1530 meter breakwater was built in only 12 months. The construction of Chaozhou power plant has repeatedly created miracles in Guangdong Province, known as “Datang speed”, which has been highly praised by the Guangdong provincial government

the production scale of the existing four units is 3.2 million KW, with an average annual power generation of about 17 billion kwh. After the units are put into operation, the goal of “stability and profit immediately after putting into operation” has been achieved. The power generation capacity was 2.2 billion kwh in 2006, with a profit of more than 30 million, and the power generation capacity was 6 billion kwh in 2007, with a profit of 370 million. In 2008, the power generation was 7.05 billion kwh, and the profit was 83.9 million yuan. In 2010, the profit was nearly 900 million yuan
the company has more than 300 employees, with an average age of 31. It is a young team
in terms of life, there are employee apartments in the plant. Employees choose to live in Shantou, about 70 minutes by car
after more than five years of hard work and efforts, Chaozhou power generation company has begun to take shape. Guangdong Province is a market advantage area in the development plan of China Datang Group Corporation and Datang International, and the desulfurization electricity price tax is 0.43 yuan /kWh. As the first enterprise of China Datang Group Corporation to enter the power market in Guangdong Province, Chaozhou power generation company will continue to carry forward the pioneering and enterprising spirit of Datang people Pursue the spirit of excellence, shape the image of Datang and create Datang brand
at present, the phase III project has been reported to the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the preliminary work is progressing steadily.


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