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How to say packing bag in English

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1. The is listed on the packet.
the names of ingredients are all listed on the packaging bag
2. There is a list of on the side of the packet.
a list of ingredients is printed on the side of the bag
3. All cement jumbo bag for Export are .
all large export cement bags are waterproof
4. When make a complaint always quote the batch number on the packet.
the batch number on the bag is often quoted when making complaints
5. They package their goods in wrappers.
they packed the goods in nice bags
6. Usually in -aluminnum composite bags packed under vacuum.
it is usually aluminum-plastic composite packaging bag and vacuum nitrogen filled packaging
7. Analysis on bacteria block effect of paper and plastics packages and pure cotton wrap Reliable and stable al light source check system,assuring complete logo of the packaging bags.
the dual light source photoelectric detection system is stable and reliable to ensure the integrity of the trademark of the packaging bag
9. Mainly proce: cosmetic bag, pen bag, PVC bag, packet, ticket-folder.
leading products: cosmetic bags, pencil bags, schoolbags, ticket clips, PVC bags and packaging bags
10. The cashier smiles across that strange and potentially hazardous bar code reader and asks: “paper or plastic?
across the strange bar code scanner, the cashier smiles and asks me,” do you use paper bags or plastic bags?

package bag
pack is ambiguous here. It feels like a verb
so the first one is good and accurate

package bag

carrier bag is a very standard expression~


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