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How to process pumpkin powder

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pumpkin is rich in carotene and cellulose, as well as peptidase, which can dissolve insoluble proteins and promote digestion and absorption. In the past, people didn’t know enough about the value of pumpkin. Recently, it was found that pumpkin is not only rich in nutrition, but also has good medicinal value. Therefore, the development of pumpkin products has attracted more and more attention and has broad market prospects. At present, pumpkin products developed on a large scale in the market are mainly pumpkin powder
(1) pumpkin powder type pumpkin powder can be divided into pumpkin whole powder and pumpkin instant powder. Pumpkin powder is a pumpkin powder produced by drying and crushing. Pumpkin instant powder is produced by spray drying. Br> ① processing process of pumpkin powder. Pumpkin → cleaning and soaking → cutting → seed removal → color protection treatment → drying → crushing → screening → packaging → finished products → inspection → packing and warehousing
② technological process of pumpkin instant powder. Pumpkin> soak, disinfect, clean, cut, block, seed, coarse, comminution, two times crushing, milling, refining, grinding, slag separation, mixing, high pressure homogenization, double concentration, heat preservation, pressure spray drying, powder collecting, screening, packaging, packing and storage. Br> (2) main links and precautions in pumpkin powder processing ① raw materials. Choose the old ripe pumpkin with good flavor, smooth skin and orange meat
② cleaning and finishing. Put the pumpkin in clean water and wash away dirt such as soil. Remove the peel of the washed pumpkin, then cut it into two halves with a knife, cut off the outer skin and the inner pulp, seeds, etc., and cut it into strips. ③ Dehydration. Put the cut pumpkin into the oven for dehydration. The drying temperature shall be controlled at 45 ~ 60 ℃ first, and then gradually increased, but not more than 70 ℃. Dry until the moisture content of the dry product is less than 6%. ④ Crush and sift. The dehydrated pumpkin strips were crushed into fine powder with a pulverizer. Pass the pumpkin powder through a 60-80 mesh sieve, and the failed particles can continue to be crushed and sieved. ⑤ Packing. Use vacuum packaging machine or composite plastic food bag for aseptic packaging.

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