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How to plan the website

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Website Planning

in website construction, we not only consider making the enterprise’s website a professional publicity and marketing platform, but also consider the unity of the enterprise’s online image and offline image, so as to better improve the enterprise’s image and brand value

website planning is a comprehensive engineering activity. I think it is not only the traditional website architecture design and technical planning, but also the embodiment of a working attitude and style


website planning mainly includes:

I. enterprise demand analysis

II. Industry analysis

III. Internet status and industrial economic analysis

IV. website function demand analysis

v. website information organization strategy with keywords as the core

VI. website maintenance and online marketing

in the planning stage, we have established a website evaluation index system as the goal, Work with customers to achieve the optimization of quality and efficiency

attached website evaluation index system:

1. Website hard index: whether your website can let customers easily and conveniently log in and remember, including domain name type distribution, domain name brand consistency, website language version, domain name resolution time, request response time, host connection time, download time, HTML comprehensive quality, picture comprehensive quality, homepage layout quality, homepage information type, etc

2. Website promotion indicators: whether your website promotion can enable more customers to communicate with you, including search engine ranking, website popularity, promotion scheme design, online advertising design, etc

3. Website service indicators: whether the customer is willing to contact you, including: your response time, target customer, customer area, contact level, contact segmentation, FAQ, help navigation, website map, service process, whether the help is comprehensive, product classification, product description, product picture, price suggestion, etc

4. Website interaction indicators: how effective your interaction with customers is; Including: customer response, solution time, seriousness, product understanding, accuracy, customer community, customer identification, customer loyalty, deepening service, interest survey, demand survey, etc
in website construction, the company not only considers making the enterprise’s website a professional publicity and marketing platform, but also considers the unity of the enterprise’s online image and offline image, so as to better improve the enterprise’s image and brand value

1. Think what you think: conduct accurate and considerable research and formulate solutions according to your needs and potential needs
2. Creative design: high quality design team and professional creative design make the pages of the website pleasing to the eye, and use a variety of advanced technologies to enhance the expressiveness of the website
3. Good communication: good communication will run through the whole development process. The purpose of our creation is to truly restore your website idea
4. Strong technical strength: the huge development team and rich development experience provide you with strong technical support and support to ensure the smooth realization of the website
5. Good post maintenance: because Kexin has a multi-level business architecture, it provides you with technical support from high-end to low-end, so that you can get satisfactory service in every link
6. Affordable price: effective process management and scientific development method reduce the development cycle and cost of each project, so that you can enjoy affordable price

the establishment of a website project planning is based on a variety of needs, which often come from the actual needs of customers or the needs of the company’s own development, in which the actual needs of customers, that is, the needs of this transaction nature account for the vast majority. In the face of customers with different knowledge levels of website development, the understanding of the person in charge of the project to the needs of users determines the success or failure of such website development projects to a great extent. Therefore, how to better understand, analyze and clarify user needs, and accurately and clearly express them to each member participating in the project development in the form of documents, so as to ensure that the development process is carried out in the correct project development direction for the purpose of meeting user needs, is a problem that each website development project manager needs to face

I. who should participate in the demand analysis activities of the website development project

the demand analysis activity is actually a process of communicating with customers and correctly guiding customers to express their actual needs in more appropriate technical language (or with the help of relevant technicians) to clarify the purpose of the project. This process also includes the establishment and planning activities of the basic functions and modules of the website to be established. Therefore, the participation of each member of the project team, customers and even the Department Manager of the developer (depending on the size of the project) is necessary. The responsibilities of project managers in demand analysis are as follows:
1. Be responsible for organizing relevant developers to conduct demand analysis with users
2. Organize art and technical backbone representatives or all members (discuss with users) to prepare the document of website function description (first draft)
3. Organize relevant personnel to repeatedly discuss and modify the website function description (first draft) to determine the official document of the website function description
4. If the user has this ability or the user requests, the project manager can also assign project members to participate, and the user will write and determine the website function description document
5. If the project is relatively large, it is better to have the Department Manager or his authorized personnel participate in the determination process of website function description

II. A complete demand survey document recording system

in the whole process of demand analysis, the relevant documents of demand analysis will be prepared according to certain specifications, which can not only help
project members to clarify the demand analysis results, but also make notes in the form of real text in the future development process, and help the company provide useful reference and model for future development projects, Become the experience wealth accumulated by the company in project development in line with its own characteristics
the document that needs to be written in the demand analysis is mainly the website function description, which is basically the result document of the whole demand analysis activity and the main reference document for project members in the development project. In order to more clearly describe the “website function description book”, it is often necessary to prepare “user survey report” and “Market Research Report” documents to assist the description. Various documents should have certain specifications and fixed formats to increase their readability and facilitate readers to quickly understand the content of the document. Relevant provisions will be discussed later in this article

III. what to investigate from users

in the project of demand analysis, there are often many unclear user needs. At this time, the project leader needs to investigate the actual situation of users and clarify user needs. A more idealized user survey activity requires the full cooperation of users, and it may also require necessary training for the respondents. Therefore, the planning and arrangement of the survey: time, place, partici
pants and survey content all need the joint approval of the project leader and users. The form of investigation can be: sending demand questionnaire, holding demand investigation symposium or on-site investigation. The main contents of the survey are as follows:

1. The current and possible functional requirements of the website in the future
2. Customers’ requirements for website performance (such as access speed) and reliability
3. Determine the requirements for website maintenance
4. The actual running environment of the website
5. The overall style of the website page and the artistic effect (if necessary, the user can provide a reference site or the company can provide it to the user)
6. The number of main pages and secondary pages, whether multi language versions are required, etc.
7. Content management and input task allocation
8. Special effects and quantity of various pages (JS, flash, etc.)
9. Project completion time and progress (according to the contract)
10. Clarify the maintenance responsibility after the project is completed

after the survey, you need to prepare a user survey report. The key points of the report are:

1. Survey summary description: the name of the website project; User unit; Personnel involved in the investigation; The time when the investigation began and ended; Work arrangement of the investigation
2. Description of survey content: basic information of users; Main business of users; Current situation of information construction; Current and future potential functional requirements, performance requirements, reliability requirements and actual operation environment of the website; Users’ expectations of the new website, etc
3. Compilation of survey data: sort and summarize the survey data (such as questionnaire, meeting minutes, etc.)

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