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How to package and list joint-stock enterprises?

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generally speaking, if an enterprise wants to be listed in the domestic securities market, it must go through three stages: comprehensive evaluation, standardized reorganization and formal launch. The main work contents are:

the first stage of comprehensive evaluation before enterprise listing

enterprise listing is a complex financial engineering and systematic work. Compared with traditional project investment, it also needs preliminary demonstration Organize the process of implementation and post evaluation; But also faced with whether to be listed in the capital market, in which market, the path choice of listing. Listed in different markets, enterprises should do different work, channels and risks. Only through the comprehensive evaluation of enterprises can we ensure that the enterprises to be listed carry out correct operation under the condition of controllable cost and risk. For enterprises, it is also a price to pay to organize and mobilize a large number of personnel and mobilize all aspects of strength and resources for work. Therefore, in order to ensure the success of listing, the enterprise will first comprehensively analyze the above problems, comprehensively study and carefully give opinions, and will fully start the work of the listing team only after getting a clear answer


the second stage of internal standard reorganization of enterprises

the initial public offering of enterprises involves hundreds of key problems. Especially in China’s specific environment, private enterprises generally have many historical problems such as finance, taxation, law, corporate governance and historical evolution, and many problems are quite difficult to deal with in the later stage. Therefore, It is very important for enterprises to deal with some problems in advance in a planned and step-by-step manner on the basis of completing the preliminary evaluation and with the assistance of listed financial consultants. This work can also enhance the confidence of sponsors, strategic shareholders, other intermediaries and regulators in the company

the third stage officially starts the listing work

once the enterprise determines the listing goal, it begins to enter the practical operation stage of the external work of the listing. This stage mainly includes: selecting and hiring relevant intermediaries, carrying out joint-stock reform, audit and legal investigation, brokerage counseling, issuance declaration, issuance and listing, etc. As the listing work involves external intermediary service institutions, there are five or six working at the same time, and the staff involves dozens of people. Therefore, the organization and coordination is quite difficult and needs to be well coordinated by many parties.

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