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How to open the market for a new beverage on the premise of minimum cost.

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the basic process of all marketing work is: analysis plan execution control

you must first understand all aspects of this industry and this product, including environment, competitors, consumer psychology, channels, terminals, etc

provide some materials for your reference
I wish you success



Part I: industrial environment and industrial policy
Chapter I analysis of industrial environment of beverage industry…………………………………… 2
Chapter II analysis of industrial policy of beverage industry…………………………………… 2
Part II: overall development of the industry
Chapter III analysis of overall development of beverage industry Chapter IV analysis of consumption structure of beverage industry…………………………………… 4
Part III: analysis of industry market situation
Chapter V analysis of competition situation of beverage industry…………………………………… 6
I. Analysis of overall competition situation of the industry
II. Analysis of regional market competition situation
III Analysis on the competitive situation of leading enterprises
Chapter 6 Analysis on the development of new products in the beverage industry…………………………………… 15
Part IV: prospect prediction of the beverage industry
Chapter 7 prediction of the development trend of the beverage industry…………………………………… 17

Chapter 1 Analysis on the industrial environment of the beverage industry

I The development trend of functional drinks is better
today, the varieties of functional drinks are extremely complex. The consumption habits of consumers are gradually converging. People are increasingly concerned about health and the environment and do not like drinks with high sugar and additives. Health functional drinks have attracted more and more attention. Health care is a hot topic in recent years. How to achieve the effect of health care through diet has always been a subject highly valued by consumers and beverage manufacturers. Developed countries, especially those in Europe and the United States, are constantly introducing functional drinks, which are no longer limited to supplementary nutrition, but even extended to the field of disease prevention and treatment. Some data show that in the United States, almost all beverage manufacturers are developing and producing functional drinks, including Coca Cola, which has the world’s first beverage brand

Second, the focus of the world’s beverage production and marketing has shifted to Asia
in Asia, China is the “top priority”. Today’s world-famous beverage production and marketing giants have set their eyes on China and plan to expand the market in China and then radiate the whole of Asia

III. Changes in consumer prices
changes in consumer prices are a barometer to judge the operation of the national economy and an important basis for the introduction of different macroeconomic policies. In 2004, on the premise that the state did a good job in macro-control and stabilized the overall situation, China’s consumer price index basically played an important role in the change of food consumption price, and the rise of consumer price was mainly caused by the obvious rise of food consumption price; In the first half of the year, the food consumption price of urban and rural residents rose, and the consumer price of residents rose accordingly; After entering September, the food consumption price of urban and rural residents decreased steadily, and the consumer price index fell accordingly. Residents’ consumption expectations are optimistic, which has driven the development of the domestic beverage market

Chapter II analysis of industrial policies in the beverage industry

I. General principles for the labeling of prepackaged food will be released
on October 1, 2005, the state will officially implement the new provisions on food labeling and packaging. At that time, the practice of not clearly indicating the ingredients of additives on the package will be regarded as a violation, and the drinks will also be judged as unqualified due to the unqualified identification. The general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food and the general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food for special meals issued by AQSIQ and the standardization management committee will replace the current general standard for food labeling in 1994 and the national standard for the labeling of special nutritional food in 1992, respectively
according to the standard, the beverage name should choose an equivalent name from the names specified in the national standard or industry standard; If there are no standards, common names that make consumers misunderstand or confuse cannot be used; Even if it is necessary to mark “new name”, “strange name”, it is also necessary to mark another name specified in the standard in the adjacent parts. Experts also stressed that the product name must be marked in the eye-catching position of the beverage label, and the special name and strange name of the real attribute of the beverage must use the same font size as the real attribute name, such as “orange juice” and “beverage” in “orange juice beverage”
the sugar and wine Express Analysis Center believes that at present, China’s fruit juice drinks are still in the primary development stage, and the per capita consumption is very low. The industry associations also need to make more efforts in food safety, standards and other aspects to promote the development of the industry. This year, the national certification and accreditation
supervision and Administration Commission listed the beverage industry as a key industry to promote HACCP (food safety control system) certification. In the evaluation of Chinese famous brands of fruit juice drinks this year, HACCP management was also clearly listed as a necessary condition. It can be seen that the state is paying more and more attention to the safety of the beverage industry. Even so, there is still a phenomenon that some reporting enterprises only make up lessons temporarily in the process of implementing HACCP management, which shows that enterprises do not pay enough attention to it. Therefore, it is urgent to further strengthen the management of food safety and standards

II. Implementation of polyester (PET) carbonated beverage bottle (modified version)
at the National Technical Committee for standardization of plastic products held in Zhuhai in October, polyester (PET) carbonated beverage bottle (modified version) passed the expert review. PET container has become a widely used packaging material and container in various countries. It is more and more widely used in food, daily necessities, industrial supplies, agricultural supplies packaging and so on, especially in beverage packaging. The implementation of polyester (PET) carbonated beverage bottle (modified version) will be conducive to the standardized production of such products in the industry, as well as the supervision and inspection of quality and technology by relevant national departments
the sugar and wine Express Analysis Center believes that the food market access system is the first to be implemented in several industries such as beverages. Once the market access system is implemented, it will regulate the beverage industry and market to a great extent, and play a positive role in improving the overall level and technology of the beverage industry and ensuring product quality and quality

Chapter III Analysis of the overall development of the beverage industry

in the first quarter of 2004, the production and sales of the beverage industry were booming, and the sales revenue, profit and tax increased significantly compared with the same period of the previous year. The SARS epidemic in 2003 made people realize the importance of health care, and energy drinks were accepted b
y more people, showing a rapid development trend. In 2004, the development of China’s functional beverage market continued to accelerate. The main target of promotion is the same as that of the brand in our country
in the second quarter, the number of enterprises in the beverage industry increased from 900 in February to 923 in June. The products of the beverage industry continued to maintain the high-speed growth momentum since the end of last year, and the growth rate of products in each month relative to the same period of last year remained at more than 30% (of which nearly 30% in April), of which 41.98% was the highest in June. Although the growth rate of cumulative product sales revenue of the beverage industry was lower than that of finished products, it also increased significantly over the same period of last year. In the first half of the year, the cumulative product sales revenue of the beverage industry was 467817000 yuan, an increase of 24.35% over the same period of the previous year. In the second quarter, the products of carbonated beverage industry increased significantly in each month compared with the same period of the previous year, with the growth rates from April to June being 11.69%, 27.49% and 74.18% respectively. The products of bottled (canned) water manufacturing industry increased significantly in each month over the same period of the previous year, with the growth rates from April to June being 42.43%, 38.11% and 57.86% respectively. At the same time, the cumulative product sales revenue of bottled (canned) drinking water manufacturing industry also increased significantly over the same period of last year
in the first three quarters of 2004, the finished products, sales revenue, total profits and total profits and taxes of the soft drink manufacturing industry and its sub industries increased significantly over the same period of the previous year. However, there are still many enterprises with losses in the industry, and the losses of loss making enterprises and loss making enterprises have increased compared with the end of last year. As the urban market tends to be saturated, the rural market will become the focus of competition among beverage enterprises. In the third quarter, foreign brands entered the bottled water market on a large scale, making the competition in the bottled water market more intense
in the fourth quarter of 2004, this period was the off-season of the beverage industry, but many functional drinks were still welcomed by consumers. Fruit juice drinks are selling well

Chapter IV analysis of consumption structure of beverage industry

China’s beverage industry continues to maintain the momentum of rapid growth and enters the era of all-round competition. There are fierce battles in the four fields of carbonated drinks, water, tea and fruit juice drinks. It can be predicted that the future development space of China’s beverage market is large, and the competition will be more intense in the future. If new drinks want to gain a firm foothold, they must start with the functional differentiation or emotional differentiation of products, find the blind spots of the market, and open up their own market in the consumer groups of refined products

I. functional drinks
2004 is called the development year of functional drinks in the industry. The fire explosion of “pulse” has opened the market gap of functional drinks, making many manufacturers who maintain high market sensitivity quickly follow the trend in the shortest time. As a result, before the peak beverage season in 2004 was fully launched, functional drinks such as Wahaha’s “activation”, Huiyuan’s “he + she -“, Yangshengtang’s “scream” and Master Kang’s “jinpao X” were born one after another. In the media, advertisements are bombarded in turns; On the ground, seize the distribution channels…
the golden position of beverage sales everywhere in supermarkets in all regions is monopolized by functional drinks. Tea drinks and fruit juice drinks, which used to dominate, were crowded into the corner. At the same time, the hot sale of functional drinks has led to its high price, from 2.5 yuan to 5 yuan, and no one has taken the lead in reducing the price during the sales period of half a year. At the same time, foreign beverage giants also regard functional drinks as a pastry and scramble to enter China’s functional beverage market, such as Gatorade from the United States and libaojian from Japan. PepsiCo and Coca Cola also said they are optimistic about China’s energy beverage market
since the third quarter, functional drinks have gradually shown their insufficient “confidence”, and manufacturers have played the “price reduction” card. However, with the emergence of Wang Laoji, the functional beverage market has taken a new turn. The concept of “pulse” is to enrich the function and activate the value of products, mainly through the use of “pulse” products. However, after the emergence of Wang Laoji, the consumption of functional drinks has been promoted to become an era of “taking function as the core interest of products and having high satisfaction taste experience”. It extends the era of “regulating blood lipid” of “Lulu” and “anti fatigue” of “Red Bull”, so as to avoid the dull fate after the popularity of fashionable functional drinks
the future beverage market must be a market where multiple factors coexist

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