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How to open a small food factory?

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I. company registration process:

1. For company name approval, the original shareholder ID card, company name, business scope, etc. shall be provided, and the shareholder shall sign the name pre approval notice

2. Sign industrial and commercial registration materials


after the company name is approved, the shareholders, legal representative office and supervisors shall sign the articles of association, enterprise notification commitment, resolution of the shareholders’ meeting and other industrial and commercial registration materials

3. Handle industrial and commercial registration, signed industrial and commercial registration materials, house lease agreements, etc., and report to the Administration for Industry and Commerce for approval, and handle the company’s business license

4. After the company’s business license is issued, the company’s official seal, financial seal, legal person seal, etc. can be engraved

II. Materials required for company registration:

1. Identity certificate of shareholders and legal representative (original ID card)

2. Multiple company names

3. Business scope of the company

4. The registered capital of the company, the proportion of shareholders’ contribution and the period of contribution

5. House lease contract and lease agreement at the registered address (it must be a formal office building, and the residence cannot be registered)

6. Copies and photos of work license and ID card of financial personnel

7. Other materials required for company registration

III. Choose the form of the company:

ordinary limited liability company, with a minimum registered capital of 30000 yuan and two (or more) shareholders

since January 2006, the new company law stipulates that one shareholder is allowed to register a limited liability company. This special limited liability company is also known as “one person limited company” (but the company name will not have the word “one person”, and the license will indicate “sole proprietorship of natural person”), with a minimum registered capital of 100000 yuan

if you invest and start a business with friends and family, you can choose an ordinary limited company with a minimum registered capital of 30000 yuan; If you are the only one as a shareholder, choose one person limited company with a minimum registered capital of 100000 yuan

extended data:

supervision and inspection items of food production and processing plants:

supervision and inspection items of food production links include the production environmental conditions of food producers, incoming inspection results, production process control, product inspection results, storage and delivery control, nonconforming product management and food recall, employee management, food safety accident disposal, etc

in addition to the supervision and inspection items specified in the preceding paragraph, the supervision and inspection items in the production process of health food also include the qualification of producers, product labels and instructions, entrusted processing, production management system, etc

the supervision and inspection items of food sales link include the qualification of food sellers, health management of employees, implementation of general provisions, implementation of prohibitive provisions, business process control, incoming inspection results, food storage, recall of unsafe food, labels and instructions, sales of special food, sales of imported food, disposal of food safety accidents, sales of edible agricultural products, as well as the founder of the centralized trading market of edible agricultural products Performance of legal obligations of counter lessors, fair organizers, third-party platform providers for online food trading, food storage and transporters, etc

the supervision and inspection items of catering service links include the qualification of catering service providers, health management of employees, raw material control, processing and production process, use management and publicity of food additives, maintenance of equipment and facilities, cleaning and disinfection of catering utensils, disposal of food safety accidents, etc

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – food manufacturing

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – registered company

1. Check the name

go to the Administration for Industry and commerce to get a “application form for pre approval of enterprise (brand) name”, fill in the company name you are going to get, and the Administration for Industry and Commerce will search whether there is a duplicate name on the Internet (intranet of the Administration for Industry and Commerce). If there is no duplicate name, you can use this name, and a “Notice of pre approval of enterprise (brand) name” will be issued. The handling charge for this step is 30 yuan

(30 yuan can help you search five names, many of which are repeated, so you don’t have to try common names to avoid wasting money)

2 Rent a house

you can also rent a house if you have a factory or office. After renting a house, you should sign a rental contract and ask the landlord to provide a copy of the real estate certificate

after signing the rental contract, you have to go to the tax bureau to buy stamp tax at the tax rate of one thousandth of the annual rent. For example, if your annual rent is 10000 yuan, you need to buy a stamp tax of 10 yuan and paste it on the front page of the rental contract. In the back, where you need to use the rental contract, you need to paste a copy of the contract with stamp tax

3. Write the “articles of association”

you can download the sample of the “articles of association” on the website of the Administration for Industry and Commerce and modify it. The final of the articles of association shall be signed by all shareholders

4. Carve a private seal

go to the place where the seal is engraved on the street and carve a private seal and tell them about the engraved legal person’s private seal (square). The cost is about 20 yuan

5. Get a “bank inquiry letter” from an accounting firm

contact an accounting firm to get a “bank inquiry letter” (it must be the original and the accounting firm shall affix a fresh seal). If you don’t know, you can read the classified advertisements in the newspaper. There are many advertisements of accounting firms

6. Go to the bank to open a company’s capital verification account

all shareholders bring their share of the money to the bank, bring the articles of association, the name verification notice issued by the Administration for Industry and commerce, the private seal of the legal representative, ID card, money for capital verification, blank inquiry letter form, and go to the bank to open a company account. You should tell the bank that it is a capital verification account. After opening the company’s account, each shareholder shall deposit the corresponding money into the company’s account according to his own capital contribution

the bank will issue a payment slip to each shareholder and affix the bank’s seal on the inquiry letter

note: the company law stipulates that when registering a company, investors (shareholders) must pay full capital, which can be contributed in the form of loan currency (i.e. RMB) or in kind (such as cars), real estate, intellectual property rights, etc. What you do in the bank is only the part of monetary contribution. If you have material objects, real estate, etc. as capital contribution, you need to go to the accounting firm to identify its value and then contribute with its actual value. It is more troublesome. Therefore, it is recommended that you directly take the money to contribute. No matter what kind of money you take, whether you own it or borrow it, the company law only needs to pay the full amount of
capital contribution

7. Handle the capital verification report

handle the capital verification report at the accounting firm with the shareholder payment form issued by the bank, the inquiry letter sealed by the bank, as well as the copies of the articles of association, name verification notice, rent contract and real estate certificate. The general cost is about 500 yuan (less than 500000 registered capital)

8. Registered companies

go to the Administration for Industry and commerce to get various forms of company establishment registration, including application form for establishment registration, list of shareholders (promoters), supervision of directors and managers, registration form of legal representative, registration form of designated representative or entrusted agent. After filling in, it shall be submitted to the Administration for Industry and Commerce together with the name verification notice, the articles of association, the rent contract, the copy of the real estate certificate and the capital verification report. You can get the license in about 3 working days

the cost is about 300 yuan

9. With the business license, go to the seal engraving society designated by the public security bureau to engrave the official seal and financial seal. In the following steps, the official seal or financial seal is required
10. Apply for enterprise organization code certificate

go to the Technical Supervision Bureau to apply for organization code certificate with business license, and the cost is 80 yuan. It takes half a month to apply for this certificate. The Bureau of technical supervision will first issue a certificate of pre acceptance code. With this document, you can go through the following tax registration certificate and bank basic account opening procedures

11. Open a basic account in the bank

open a basic account in the bank with the business license and organization code certificate. It is best to handle it at the same outlet of the bank that originally handled the capital verification, otherwise, it will charge an additional 100 yuan for the capital verification account

to open a basic account, you need to fill out many forms. You’d better take all the things you can bring, or you’ll have to run many times, including the original business license, ID card, organization code certificate, public finance seal and legal person seal

when opening a basic account, you also need to buy a cipher (since the second half of 2005, most banks have this regulation), and the cipher needs 280 yuan. In the future, when your company writes a check and transfers money, it needs to use a cipher to generate a password

12. After handling tax registration

getting the license, apply to the local tax bureau for a tax registration certificate within 30 days. General companies need to handle two kinds of tax registration certificates, namely national tax and local tax. The cost is 40 yuan each, a total of 80 yuan

when handling the tax registration certificate, there must be an accountant, because one of the materials required by the tax bureau is the accounting qualification certificate and ID card. You can hire a part-time accountant first. A part-time accountant hired by a small company at the beginning usually has a salary of 200 yuan

13. Apply for receiving and purchasing invoices

if your company sells goods, you should apply for invoices from the national tax. If it is a service company, you should apply for invoices from the local tax

finally started business. Pay attention to reporting tax to the tax department on time every month. Even if there is no business and there is no need to pay tax, you should also make a zero declaration, otherwise you will be fined

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