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How to identify fake and shoddy food

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1. Identify from packaging and packaging decoration
The packaging of famous and high-quality food is mostly mechanized packaging, with good packaging quality, neat and accurate pasting mouth and interface. Generally, the packaging of fake and shoddy goods is simple and rough, and the packaging is mostly manual operation. Therefore, the packaging quality is poor, the packaging is uneven, the interface and pasting port are not neat, and looseness is common.
Decoration and printing. Famous and high-quality goods are exquisitely printed with accurate overprint and good gloss; The printing of fake and shoddy goods is shoddy, the color registration is not accurate, and several colors in the pattern are shifted, with dim color, different depth and fuzzy pattern. Some counterfeit goods are packed with old packaging materials purchased, with visible stains and creases.
2. Identify from trademark
A trademark is a specific mark of a commodity. A trademark is a mark that distinguishes the same commodity. Goods produced by the same producer or operator can use different trademarks according to their needs. Some export goods use one trademark and goods sold domestically use another trademark. However, a trademark can only belong to one manufacturer and operator, and others may not use it falsely. Counterfeit trademarks also have blurred patterns and inaccurate color registration.
3. Pay attention to whether there is anti-counterfeiting logo and whether there is bar code printed,
The computer can identify and paste laser labels and color changing sealing paper.
4. Using food labels to identify famous and high-quality products, including production date, storage period, etc; Many fake and shoddy foods are not marked with “phase III”, especially the production date. Therefore, consumers should buy food with complete labels, batch number, production date and shelf life.
5. Sensory identification
Sensory identification is to check the color, aroma, taste, shape and other aspects of food. To check whether there are abnormal phenomena in food, we should not only pay attention to bad abnormal phenomena, but also pay attention to the phenomenon of “surprisingly good”.
First, observe the color. See if the food has abnormal color. If the barbecue has bright red, it may be the addition of pigment.
Second, smell it. High quality food has its inherent fragrance.
Third, taste it. Like the smell, each food has its own unique flavor, and its authenticity can be distinguished by a little taste.
Fourth, observe the tissue morphology of food to find the abnormal situation of food.

it depends on the quality of the food and whether it is different from what you bought before. Now you can also brush bar codes. Just brush your mobile phone

check the production date of the food, whether it has expired, and whether the packaging is very simple

go to regular supermarkets and shopping malls. Don’t be greedy for cheap


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